Another step closer…

You guys are awesome with your support, well-wishes, and prayers.

Keep them coming, because it’s working!

Out of the 16 retrieved yesterday, we have 14 that fertilized normally. FOURTEEN!

The RE thinks we are making great headway to a 5-Day transfer (which could be Monday/Tuesday?)… the IVF nurses will be checking in with me daily reporting on progress. For now, I am surprised, pleased, and a wee bit happy.

Grow, embies, grow!!

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19 thoughts on “Another step closer…

  1. Wow, 14 is an awesome number to begin fert with! Way to go! Try to keep yourself busy through the weekend and you will be at the transfer before you know it!!

  2. Oh, yes ma'am!! Let the magic begin! See? You never know…. And the wait after a 5 day transfer isn't that bad. Hopping up and down for more news…..share when you get it! Hugs to you!

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