Day 3

Well, here we are three days after retrieval, and we still have 13 embryos chugging along nicely. This is an auspicious occasion, in that this time last year with my own lackluster eggs, we transferred on Day 3 with so-so embryos and the remaining embryos arrested on Day 4. Yeah, that was memorable.

This time, with the donor, the embryos look great. And therefore, no rush to put them back until we can pick the cream of the crop on Day 5.

My appointment for transfer is Tuesday, 11:30am.

I am excited, and dare I say it? Hopeful… once again.

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12 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. What's not to be hopeful about? This looks fantastic. Can I say that it's awesome that you have more embryos than you thought you even had follicles?! Awesome stuff. Grow little embies grow!!

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