Yes, why they DO have a flair for the dramatic…

What was it that I said in my post yesterday about RE’s and their penchant for drama?

Brace yourself…

16 eggs!

Yeah. How did that happen???? OMG, I don’t know and I don’t care.

I got a little choked up driving to the RE with the swimmers tucked safely in my bra. My DNA won’t be creating life today, but I would like to think that by carrying them close to my heart a little bit of me went with them.

Fertilization report tomorrow.


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24 thoughts on “Yes, why they DO have a flair for the dramatic…

  1. SHUT THE DOOR!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!That is so so so so awesome! So awesome!I have been thinking of ya'll all day and I am just dancing in my chair reading this news. WOOOO!!(& I just know your donor is so so happy too.)

  2. Right ON, g'fren! So happy for you. I didn't want to post it yesterday, but I had a sneaking suspicion that this is exactly what would happen. Fingers crossed for good fertilization and just remember, it really only does take one. Unless you're planning to compete with Octomom which I gather you are not… lolHang tight. Wishing all good things for you!

  3. Hate to say I told you so (actually, I LOVE being able to say that!) I think they like to be conservative and then leave you with a good surprise! Will be waiting for your update.

  4. That is super great news!! All that worrying for nothing – don't we love to drive ourselves insane! I am so happy for you – those are great numbers. Can't wait til the fert report. I hope I follow in your footsteps next week!

  5. I KNEW IT!!! So happy to hear that the dire earlier predictions did not come true.And, the vision of you driving with sperm in your bra is priceless. Best of luck!

  6. Here from Onwards and Sideways and wanted to say:NICE catch on the eggsThat is so sweet about transporting the little swimmers.Much, much luck to you.

  7. Yes, yes, yes!!! I am SOOOOOO happy for you! I just KNEW that your donor would pull through for you! I got a little teary at the image of you driving your little swimmers to the clinic! May lots of magic happen in those dishes tonight!

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