Raise your hand if you want a Christmas Miracle

It’s Monday, and what better way to start the week than a trip to the RE.

I missed blogging about Saturday’s appointment, nothing earth shattering except to say on Saturday I had 4 lead follies (two on each side) measuring 10, 10, 11, 12… with a bunch of wannabes on each side under 8.

My E2 was 266. Doctor said all was “cooking” well, and sent me on my way.

Today (after 7 days of stims), I had u/s #4 and the sizes have increased slightly on three of the four from Saturday… they are now at 11, 12, 12, 12.5-13. Lining=11mm.
I gave another donation of blood too, I won’t find out the results of that until Wednesday at the next u/s unless they call me today to adjust my dosage.

So, S. is like an old pro now, and I think I finally got the hang of mixing all the vials and using the syringes. (Although I am still having some user issues drawing up and not creating a damn vaccum in the vial and syringe). David has witnessed our routine at bedtime, but he hasn’t asked why Daddy is giving Mommy needles. He has a habit now of giving me a kiss on my boo-boo when we’re done. So cute.

One issue I do/did have… because nothing is EVER freaking easy for me….
I think I developed some sort of UTI over the weekend. It was bothering me Saturday slightly, so I bombarded myself with water and cranberry juice, and I think I flushed everything out because I feel fine today. Nevertheless, I left a sample at the doctors just in case. The odd thing is I’ve only ever had one UTI in my life… and that was after I had David. So, of course NOW would be a good time for one, right???

Other than that snafu, I guess things are going as planned. I can’t remember, but I think they said that they wait to trigger until any reach 16? Does that sound right?

I assume Wednesday might be the pivotal u/s day. We are kind of hoping that trigger and IUI are towards the end of the week (Fri/Sat), because S. is off from work.

BTDT buddies, how close do you think I am? Having not done this before, and always wanting to know my schedule (sorta)…. is it logical to think this may go off before the weekend? I really want to avoid an IUI on Christmas Eve.

Of course, now that I just typed that… I probably jinxed myself. And furthermore, universe… if you see fit to have me do an IUI on that day, bring it on.

Are you thinking what I am thinking?

I’ll avoid the irony there… but just for now.

2 thoughts on “Raise your hand if you want a Christmas Miracle

  1. Good luck with IUI number 1. I am a stranger passing thru (linked from another blog) and your post caught my eye. I got pg with my 1st daughter on our 1st IUI. It happened to be on “4th of July Eve”. Anyway-lots of luck to you.

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