Game Over

Well, sorry to leave you all hanging (I’ve been installing the new home computer all day, more on that later because it has been just frought with roadblocks!).

Friday was the last day I had a positive HPT. The booster/trigger was gone by Saturday, and alas….

no second line to be found.

I was upset about this Saturday night. It means my dream of at least being pregnant before my 40th birthday is gone. I bitched, moaned, and drank a couple of glasses of wine. Then I whimpered on the couch and had another glass of wine. Then I went to bed and couldn’t sleep. The pits.

I don’t feel all that much better today, but I have no choice but to move onward. AF just started mere moments ago, so in a couple of days I’ll be back at the RE’s for a CD3 scan.

We will do one more shot with injectibles/IUI (hopefully we can get the go to start right into another cycle… I have meds left).

If the next is a bust, we aren’t wasting anymore $$ for meds and u/s, when we can get a better chance at IVF. But getting to IVF means the end of the road and money is near…. which is scary.

I leave you with two thoughts for the day:

Windows Vista sucks.
I hate to fail.
2008, how could you piss me off already??? It’s only the first week of the year.

ok, I guess that was three thoughts.

Testing, 1- 2- 3

Happy New Year and welcome to my first official POAS-a-thon of 2008.

I went to Target a few days ago and bought three boxes of HPT’s (one was a bonus box) so I had 7 tests at my disposal. I figured I’d go with the cheaper ones (they are Target brand) to track the HcG in my system. Saving the FRERs for the big test day.

I opened them yesterday just to test one. And I found they are those stupid blue dye tests (I much prefer the pink dye). It is nice to pee on something knowing you will see a positive, and my test HPT did not disappoint. If only all my tests looked that good!

I think the quandary here is since I had the HcG booster @ 7dpiui (another 10,000 units), I imagine that if I see a negative at all over the next week, it’s probably bad news. RE wants to wait until 1/8, when the second booster should be out of my system.

Theoretically, since this Friday is 14dpiui, I would know the outcome by then. But now I have this booster to contend with mucking up my plans and making simple math into algebra.

This is just outright torture.

All’s Quiet on the Ovarian Front

7dpiui, and all is well. Went in for the obligatory u/s and blood draw this morning and the conversation with Dr. P went like this:

[Dr. P scans the right ovary, and measures large gaping hole]

Dr. P: “So, the ovaries look good. No signs of hyper-stimulation, so we’ll do the HcG booster today”.

[Dr. P scans the left ovary, and measures equally large gaping hole]

Me: “So, I ovulated then right?”

Dr. P: “Oh yeah, nooooo question about that, looks very promising. We’ll see you back in 10 days for the beta.”

Stupid newbie question of the day to my BTDT buddies… can they tell if you ovulated on both sides? Or was I just reading too far in between the lines?

And, have any of you had the HcG booster? They gave it to me to stimulate the creation of more progesterone just in case. I guess that’s way better than those damn suppositories in the meantime.

In work news, I am off today! I closed out the year at work and home today with the boy. I’m thinking of swinging by Target for some plastic containers, and maybe a little miscellaneous shopping and errands.

Beats working!

Update: ugh, so the suppositories were prescribed anyway. I just can’t seem to get away without those awful things.

Holiday Hangover

Am I the only sad soul working this week?

If you are kicking back and rubbing your full tummy of Season’s Eatings, I am jealous. I am, at present, eating some leftover Christmas Cookies with my coffee, pouring over financial reports and revenue/expense ledgers, thinking how I might enable my company to recognize that extra $1m of revenue today before close of business.

I know, you’re jealous. [rolling eyes wildly]

Christmas was exhausting and short-lived as usual around here. While I worked yesterday (on the 26th) S. spent the day building race tracks and Lego Firetrucks for David. The pile of toys was just as big as last year, which always pains me because it means I need to fit them somewhere after the big clean-up. David badly needed clothes this year, but no one bought even a gift card from Kohl’s or Target. sigh. Well, at least the boy is happy! lol.

This morning, none of us was capable of getting out of bed on time. Blame it on the Christmas hangover, which extends to New Year’s Day around here. I’m kind of bummed that Christmas is over, it goes way too fast. And it was really an odd holiday without the dog and cat around. I’d insert some sort of cute David picture here, but I can’t upload any of my pictures (still working on finding time to set up the new PC).

I have an appointment at the RE tomorrow for a progesterone check. It will be 7dpiui. If it’s low, then undoubtedly supplements will be needed until next week’s beta draw. And for all you symptom watchers, I feel pretty much nothing out of the ordinary so far.

Except a voracious appetite for a Vanilla Creme donut.