It’s like a non-fat grande latte, or sorta like having a piece of decadent pie with black coffee and Splenda (right, Emily?).

It’s Christmas-lite, or Christmas without the guilt.

No bulging credit card bills, no rushing to buy the last item on your list (which happens to be gift #28 for dear Aunt Sally), no mounds of expensive gift wrap that’s left in a trash heap in the corner.

No worries that you didn’t spend enough, or buy just the “right” gift. No returns for things that didn’t quite fit, or items that were dupes, or quite awful (did I say that??).

My personal favorite… I’ll actually be able to fit David’s gifts UNDER the tree. Not around it, and down the hallway…

More time to bond with the ones we love.

Where togetherness reigns supreme, and spending quality time with the family can simply be a movie, a board game, and some good hot chocolate (or beer, or wine…lol). Yeah, thumbs up on the wine. shhh… I can still drink it since I’m not on meds yet.

The BagMomma family is embracing Christmas-lite this year.

And it feels pretty darn good so far.

I might even have time this weekend to make cookies!

How will you be spending your holiday? Are you staying home? Traveling? Having to deal with annoying relatives? Using the fruitcake from Great Aunt Betty as a doorstop?

For those of you who have to travel (especially by plane, train, or excruciatingly long road trip) I feel for you.

And I also want to know who really eats fruitcake.

Does anybody eat fruitcake??

Do tell.

7 thoughts on “Christmas-Lite

  1. I’ve definitely scaled back this year…We mananged to get both families to agree to only buy for children, which helps.As for traveling, we’ll be hosting Christmas morning and then taking a two hour drive north to see more family.(Oh, and I know I’m a little behind, but CONGRATS on the match! So exciting!)

  2. Um, I’ve never HAD fruitcake.. but I don’t think that I’ve ever wanted. I’d much rather spend my calories on gobs and gobs of chocolate.We’ll be at home for Christmas. I tried to tone it down this year, though my idea of toning it down from 50 to 20 presents each is probably different from some. Baby steps, eh? I have been baking this week (no time for that, but I’m avoiding wrapping). Now that B has 10,000 teachers.. it’s much easier to give boxes of cookies with coffee giftcards. At some point we’ll do a gingerbread house.. and I suppose the stockings should actually be HUNG instead of hanging out on the steps.Like I said, there’s just not enough time in the day.

  3. Actually I don’t know. If the electricity comes back soon, we’ll be at home (IVF #2 starts Friday so I need to stay nearby) and family will come here. If not, I think Christmas may be cancelled — or at least very very Lite.No fruitcake. Only a total fruitcake would eat that.

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