She works hard for the money!

Where have I been? Well, not too far- honestly.

Been trying to do anything to keep my mind off of being worried. The good news is I don’t have to travel far- my work laptop is right beside my home computer and while you were perhaps having a restful long holiday weekend, I was busy working! A half-day of catch-up on Saturday, and one day of rest (Sunday). I figured Monday would be a slow day, but NOT… I felt like I was trapped in a whirlwind of deadlines and issues.

You see, my job security hinges on my ability to suck up extra work therefore making myself critical to the business. Hence, a chance of not getting laid off.

I know what you are thinking- I am clearly delusional. And in this corporate world crammed into a bad economy everyone is expendable. I get, I get it. I am merely racking up some good credits for later this month when I will take 3 sick days.

After all, I may be a workaholic, but I am not insane.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I did take a day off and went to see my stylist for a haircut and touchup. I love my stylist. I don’t even have to tell him what to do with my hair, he always has the best ideas. Yesterday’s idea… CUT IT OFF!! and so we did. Three inches in fact.

I feel lighter and quite happy. Not to mention I love being closer to my real strawberry-blonde hair color.

Then I went to Trader Joe’s and bought myself some flowers and a mint green tea to drink.

By the time I got home, I was peaceful.

Not a bad day!

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Coach is a lot like Vegas

Who told me to go shopping in my last post? I blame YOU! lol.

I have the day off today, so buzzing around doing errands for upcoming vacation, AND went to get my hair done. I can’t go away with grey hair, I just cannot.
Oh, and I may have *happened* to stop by the Coach Store.

And I may have *happened* to purchase a bag (but, I swear, it’s a small one, and I used my 25% off coupon).

And I may have *happened* to stop at my favorite shoe store and buy a pair of sandals.


What happens on my day off stays on my day off.


It’s like a non-fat grande latte, or sorta like having a piece of decadent pie with black coffee and Splenda (right, Emily?).

It’s Christmas-lite, or Christmas without the guilt.

No bulging credit card bills, no rushing to buy the last item on your list (which happens to be gift #28 for dear Aunt Sally), no mounds of expensive gift wrap that’s left in a trash heap in the corner.

No worries that you didn’t spend enough, or buy just the “right” gift. No returns for things that didn’t quite fit, or items that were dupes, or quite awful (did I say that??).

My personal favorite… I’ll actually be able to fit David’s gifts UNDER the tree. Not around it, and down the hallway…

More time to bond with the ones we love.

Where togetherness reigns supreme, and spending quality time with the family can simply be a movie, a board game, and some good hot chocolate (or beer, or wine…lol). Yeah, thumbs up on the wine. shhh… I can still drink it since I’m not on meds yet.

The BagMomma family is embracing Christmas-lite this year.

And it feels pretty darn good so far.

I might even have time this weekend to make cookies!

How will you be spending your holiday? Are you staying home? Traveling? Having to deal with annoying relatives? Using the fruitcake from Great Aunt Betty as a doorstop?

For those of you who have to travel (especially by plane, train, or excruciatingly long road trip) I feel for you.

And I also want to know who really eats fruitcake.

Does anybody eat fruitcake??

Do tell.