It’s like a non-fat grande latte, or sorta like having a piece of decadent pie with black coffee and Splenda (right, Emily?).

It’s Christmas-lite, or Christmas without the guilt.

No bulging credit card bills, no rushing to buy the last item on your list (which happens to be gift #28 for dear Aunt Sally), no mounds of expensive gift wrap that’s left in a trash heap in the corner.

No worries that you didn’t spend enough, or buy just the “right” gift. No returns for things that didn’t quite fit, or items that were dupes, or quite awful (did I say that??).

My personal favorite… I’ll actually be able to fit David’s gifts UNDER the tree. Not around it, and down the hallway…

More time to bond with the ones we love.

Where togetherness reigns supreme, and spending quality time with the family can simply be a movie, a board game, and some good hot chocolate (or beer, or wine…lol). Yeah, thumbs up on the wine. shhh… I can still drink it since I’m not on meds yet.

The BagMomma family is embracing Christmas-lite this year.

And it feels pretty darn good so far.

I might even have time this weekend to make cookies!

How will you be spending your holiday? Are you staying home? Traveling? Having to deal with annoying relatives? Using the fruitcake from Great Aunt Betty as a doorstop?

For those of you who have to travel (especially by plane, train, or excruciatingly long road trip) I feel for you.

And I also want to know who really eats fruitcake.

Does anybody eat fruitcake??

Do tell.

Holiday Hangover

Am I the only sad soul working this week?

If you are kicking back and rubbing your full tummy of Season’s Eatings, I am jealous. I am, at present, eating some leftover Christmas Cookies with my coffee, pouring over financial reports and revenue/expense ledgers, thinking how I might enable my company to recognize that extra $1m of revenue today before close of business.

I know, you’re jealous. [rolling eyes wildly]

Christmas was exhausting and short-lived as usual around here. While I worked yesterday (on the 26th) S. spent the day building race tracks and Lego Firetrucks for David. The pile of toys was just as big as last year, which always pains me because it means I need to fit them somewhere after the big clean-up. David badly needed clothes this year, but no one bought even a gift card from Kohl’s or Target. sigh. Well, at least the boy is happy! lol.

This morning, none of us was capable of getting out of bed on time. Blame it on the Christmas hangover, which extends to New Year’s Day around here. I’m kind of bummed that Christmas is over, it goes way too fast. And it was really an odd holiday without the dog and cat around. I’d insert some sort of cute David picture here, but I can’t upload any of my pictures (still working on finding time to set up the new PC).

I have an appointment at the RE tomorrow for a progesterone check. It will be 7dpiui. If it’s low, then undoubtedly supplements will be needed until next week’s beta draw. And for all you symptom watchers, I feel pretty much nothing out of the ordinary so far.

Except a voracious appetite for a Vanilla Creme donut.

Comfort and Joy

Taking a blogging break for the holiday. I’ll be back at the end of the week just in time for some serious 2WW obsessing. lol.

Wishing you and your families the greatest holiday… no matter what celebration you observe. I wish you lots of good times and laughter.

Merry Christmas!!


Guilt-Free at its best!

My buds, the ladies over at WMAG (Working Moms Against Guilt) are easing us into the homestretch of the holiday season with PRIZES!

No-Guilt Holiday Giveaway

Cause we all know you’ve been busy buying gifts for other people, how about entering to win something for YOU!

I’m on board, and you should be too…. head on over starting Monday and tell ’em BagMomma sent ya.