The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it

I am having a hard time contemplating that the end of summer is just around the corner. There is so much I wanted to do, and regretfully, the list has grown longer not shorter.

If you remember awhile back I talked about being approved to take a four-week company sabbatical. And amazingly enough, it’s almost here. Four weeks to play “stay-at-home” mom, and put a dent into that never ending list that has collected dust over the last year or two.

My sabbatical begins on August 15th. Which, coincidentally, is the day after my estimated embryo transfer, so conceivably (har har, a little play on words there) I could be spending my first/second day on bed rest in the 2WW, assuming all goes well with this IVF cycle.

My Mom has already been applying the pressure (in the form of gentle reminders) that I should put my list away and focus on my major project. She is right.

I didn’t intend this time-off to be so…. restful. But in a way I am due for some rest. Three years of infertility, countless failed pregnancies, working 50-60 hours/week, trying to do it all, be it all…. well, it takes a toll on anyone.

I wonder if my life has been so overloaded that my body has been revolting against me.

Perhaps the timing of this long-term vacation is very much well-timed after all.

This morning, I found my list, scratched out #1 (which happens to be clean out my closet) and wrote…

1. Rest up and prepare for whatever life brings.

Painting the bedroom and two bathrooms, cleaning out the basement, linen closet, and office files, pulling up my overpopulated bulbs in my day-lily planting bed outside… well…

These things will have to wait, or be delegated.

For at least the first two weeks anyway.

5 thoughts on “The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it

  1. I have been stock piling books and movies for after transfer. As far as taking it easy goes, my philosopy is that I just don’t want to do anything that I will regret if I find our that result is negative. 🙂

  2. Wow what great timing, it is almost as if fate aligned it up that way??? I think its great that you will be resting after the transfer, just get hubby to tackle the to do list!!! You definalty deserve a vacation!

  3. Get some good books and movies and take it easy. You will be glad you did. All that other stuff can wait. Making sure that you will never question if you were doing too much is just as good for your mental health as your physical health. I know I’ve mentioned how good your blog is looking, but I will say it again-It looks great.

  4. It is soooo hard to just "relax" and do nothing!!! I have been taking it real easy the past week & I am going crazy…I keep wanting to do or clean something! :)Good luck with the stims, can't wait to follow your journey!!! 🙂

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