That sinking feeling

I was just putting David into the bathtub and taking my vitamins and my (last) BCP, when I heard a bunch of commotion in the master bathroom.

There was S., pulling everything out from under the bathroom sink. The entire cabinet was dripping wet.

It seems that builders grade sinks can rust out and fall to pieces. Really.

The good news is *something* made S. actually look under the cabinet, otherwise we would have ended up with an even bigger problem. I had visions of water seeping through to the 1st floor and a homeowners claim, but thankfully we caught it in time.

The bad news is we have two other bathroom sinks in the house that are also crappy builders grade and likely also rusting and decomposing under our noses. Not to mention we had plans to gut said bathroom and renovate next year so I am annoyed that I have to replace something that I’ll rip out again in a year anyway.

So last night turned into “Bob the Builder FixIt Night” (or so David called it) and S. removed the sink and sub-par plumbing attachments. We now have a big hole awaiting a new sink.

One trip to Large Home Improvement Store today, and we will be ready for Part II… installing a new sink.

Fun times at the BagMomma house.

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