Can you hide in technology?

This comic brought to mind a subject I want to talk about which is irking the hell out of me. Primarily at work, but this subject applies to everyday living.

How is it in the technological world we live in that people are more inaccessible? Yeah, I know what you’re thinking…. I thought that we are all toooooo connected nowadays?

Well, sure, we have laptops, pda’s, cell phones, blackberries, and multitudes of techie toys… christ….. you can talk on the phone, email, IM, listen to music, and cruise the web on an object that is no bigger than a credit card. You practically can do anything with it … well, with the exception of making your toast in the morning and picking up your drycleaning.

But, haven’t you noticed that we are reverting into a world where you can’t reach someone when you need them?

Think about it…
How often do you call someone and they actually pickup the phone before it goes to voicemail?
Ever instant message someone at work and they are set to “away” all day?
Ever sent an e-mail that goes unresponded to, for weeks?

Technology gives people many places to hide. And even more excuses for people to hide and get away with it.

“oh my, my cell phone wasn’t charged/on, sorry”
“did I miss you on IM? damn, laptop froze up again and I didn’t see your message”
“I’ve been having so many issues with my e-mail, darn server must have not delivered your e-mail!”

I have to admit, at work, I do want to hide sometimes… but when I do, I put my IM on DND (do not disturb). I always respond to each and every email, voicemail, IM… same day or with 24 hours at the worst. It’s my personal SLA. “Service Level Agreement”, for you non-corporate types.

Now, don’t get me wrong, everyone needs/deserves a little space. I am not that annoying co-worker that hounds you down until you provide an answer to a question.

I do, however, wish that people all would have equal respect for their own and other people’s time.

Having a bad day? That’s ok, we all do. Feel free to not log on, turn off the cell phone.. HIDE.

Hide every day??? Nuh uhh. Come out and face the world, baby. It’s not going anywhere.

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