When decades collide, Duran Duran meets JT?

Now I know I am getting way old.
I was catching up on news this morning with my giant cup of coffee, and I saw this….

Headline: Timberlake Works on Duran-Duran Album

Duran Duran (and U2, Depeche Mode, INXS) are my absolute favorite bands growing up. I once slept out in the rain for front row Duran Duran tickets when I was 19 years old. I did that at least 10 times in my teenage/college days. If you were living in the Philadelphia area in the early 80’s you would also remember that one of the first appearances they made in the US was on the local TV show, “Dancin On Air”.
Seeing this headline triggered some fast math, and I just realized I have been following this band for 26 years. oh my!
I must admit, I also own the newest Justin Timberlake CD. I don’t LOVE him, but I like his music (catchy, easy to dance to…. great to make swift work of housecleaning whilst listening to my iPod).
I know I am risking sounding like a TOTAL geek, but this matching might be really cool.

OK- I’m going to shink back in my corner now, laugh at me if you must!

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