First Day Jitters

I don’t know who was anticipating the first day of school more… me or David.

Anticipating, as in… nervous anticipation.

If you remember, last year I made the rookie Mom mistake of hanging around in the school hallway “just to see” how David was in his classroom. I peeked. As you also might remember, I caught him doing a very un-like David thing… silently crying (I call it the under-the-radar-big-boy-cry). Which made me cry.

To. this. day. my heart breaks when I think about it.

This year, my objective was a no-tears day. So we ushered him onto the bus and waved goodbye. Fifteen minutes later I met his bus at the school gym for the annual Parent Paparazzi event (picture a mass of parents with cameras). I distracted him as much as I could to keep his mind occupied and it worked.

The kids lined up by classroom, and 10 minutes later, he walked the same hallway to his NEW first grade room. This time- a wave and a smile.

No tears (well, not that I know of anyway). I did not follow.

Today, first day jitters for me as well… of a different kind. Today is CD1 for my FET cycle. Well, you can call it CD1 just for posterity because there really isn’t a first day in an FET, except to say the first day for the meds leading up to it.

Today I start 2 weeks of BCP’s soon to add in the Lupron (which I just LOVE as you know). Transfer is set for October 27th. I got to pick the day.

Funny how easy it is to schedule an FET.

Far too easy.

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8 thoughts on “First Day Jitters

  1. That is cool, picking the day. How do you feel? Hope you get a moment in the first day mayhem give yourself a little high five for moving forward. Thanks for your note. EB

  2. Yay for smiles! And no tears.I liked your comment on my latest post…we are definitely somehow cosmically tied together. You can obsess over my IVF cycle as much as you want…I'll obsess over your FET to distract myself from my cycle 😉

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