The last chapter…

For the inquiring minds: I tested this morning. I stared back at nothing. Not even a whisper of a line.

Please, do not tell me it’s too early. It’s not.

So this is what it feels like to really fail at something. To exhaust every path, to endure every last available technology.  To pump myself full of chemicals that have god knows what affect down the road.

Almost five years of misery. Five years of loss. Five years of chasing a dream only to come up empty.

Empty in mind, body, spirit, and finances.

No next step. No back up plan to the back up plan.

Just sadness, regret, and unbearable pain.

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A swine Halloween

Swine flu or no swine flu, we managed to have Halloween here at the BagMomma house after all.

It’s been a long week, and I am not lying when I tell you I had almost forgotten I had my FET last Tuesday. David being sick was all the diversion I needed.

Thankfully, the boy started feeling better at the end of the week, and was awake enough to put on his Halloween costume and venture out for a little while with Daddy while I stayed behind to give out candy.

He even stayed in costume when it got dark, and attempted to scare trick-or-treaters by standing still as a statue under the maple tree.

Now that the weekend is over, I guess I can start wondering if the lone embryo made it.

My first guess is a no, and I judge that only from extensive experience in the 2ww.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  I know my body quite well (even though I’ve grown to hate it).  There’s no way I am pregnant.

Beta is on Friday, but I intend to test very soon just so I can get it over with.


Yep, I just took the “Happy” out of Halloween.  Sorry about that.

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I Want Candy

Day two of bedrest.

So with the incredibily suck-ass news yesterday, I forgot to update you all on the flu situation here at the house.

David, yes, is an H1N1 victim (as is a host of kids in his school). This morning, as I was sipping coffee and eating a peanut butter cup (don’t judge me, the coffee was decaf, and the candy, well, wasn’t.. it’s Halloween week for goodness sakes so what better time to eat candy than 7:30am??)

I digress.

So, David is starting to feel better. He still has a fever, albeit a low-grade one now. He’s out of school for the week, which means he misses all the Halloween parties so he’s already guilting me into a toy from Target this weekend.

Meanwhile, S. and I have no symptoms. However, I began taking Tamiflu as a precaution (recommended because of my situation). Can I just tell you how EVIL Tamiflu is??? Tamiflu makes you feel like you HAVE the flu (minus the fever). What the hell hair-brained idiot thought that one up? I should have read the damn prescription dossier before I took it.

In any event, my goal is to stay healthy.

I cannot guarantee, however, that I will not consume the entire bag of peanut butter cups. I will attempt to balance it out with a salad or two, don’t worry.

Thank you all for you kind comments and e-mails. It is because of you that I have any shred of humor left today.

I’ve decided to not think about what will happen if this doesn’t work. Well, I know, sure…. it’s a giant road sign that screams “THE END”, but I figure I’ll spend the next week pretending it’s not there.

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The Lone Ranger

My bad luck follows me like a stray dog.

They had to thaw all 7 remaining embryos, and of those, only ONE made it through the thaw.  My clinic has a 70% thaw rate.  There I go beating the crappy odds once again.

I’m disappointed, sad, and generally pissed off.

The one that made it is “extremely good quality”, so says embryologist. I know it only takes one, but let’s face it… the odds are already slim that an FET will work at all, and now I just decreased my odds even further.

My journey… it’s so close to the end.

And now I have 48 hours of bedrest to ponder it over and over.


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