Farewell, friend

David and Teddi, June 2003

David and Teddi, August 2007

Our dear dog Teddi June was put to sleep today.

Her tests came back with the news we already knew.

We had the option to bring her home, but she would have been sick and on medication and honestly, she was too spunky a dog to go like that. Plus, I was worried that it would affect David having her home in that condition. He already gave her a hug and a kiss yesterday before we took him to school, and I prefer that be his last sweet memory of his dog.

S. is torn. He sobbed last night looking at her things around the house, knowing she may never come home. I know Teddi coming home would just be a long and drawn out goodbye for him.

Truth be told, I have had a love/hate relationship with Teddi over the years. Those of you who know me IRL can attest to that fact.

She was the only dog I ever owned, and the dog that got me over the fear of all dogs (I was bit by a rabid German Shepard at the age of five).

What I will miss most is her love for David. She was the grande dame of the house for 8 years before David came along, yet she was able to accept her place as #2 when the time came. She put up with hair pulling, poking, and teasing for the last 4 years and grew to love him. She was a companion and a guard. And even though she had a piercing bark you loved to hate, the fact of the matter is she was a part of our family (a big part) for almost 13 years.

It will be oddly quiet without her.

They say that the spirits of animals live on with us like dust in the wind. They really never leave our side.

Peace be with you, my dear Teddi. We will miss you.

9 thoughts on “Farewell, friend

  1. Oh geez. I HATE when animals die. It is a unique kind of sadness for some reason because they don’t really understand. I hope David is taking it well. That has to be a hard lesson for a little boy.–MM

  2. Thanks all- I didn’t realize how much I would miss her. It took me by surprise, really. The last day has been really difficult, especially for S. and David.As far as snother dog, not in the near term. We want to live dog-free for awhile. We have a cat, Luke (also very old) so we are thinking about adopting a cat for a companion for my other cat and David. I guess we’ll see.

  3. Oh Shelli!I am so sad for you and your family. We have two dogs, a yellow lab that looks over our family and is my son’s constant companion and a little pocket dog who thinks she rules the house (ok, she does). When either of them reaches the end of their life, it will be a very sad day.Will you get another dog eventually?

  4. I’m very sorry. Children are so sweet in that they always remember the best parts of their pets. XBoy still talks about Moe, even though he’s been gone a year now.

  5. Oh Shelli – I’m so sorry! I know this has to be really hard on all of you. I can just see D. giving her a kiss goodbye and it brings tears to my eyes :o({{Hugs}}

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