Shock and Awe

Where do I start?

Today has been a day of sadness and shock.

I awoke to my husband informing me that our dog, Teddi, was extremely ill. She hasn’t been herself all week (something was up, she was just a shade off from her normal routine). Then last night happened. She was up all night in some sort of pain, and then, this morning she was barely able to breathe, eat, drink, or stand. S. took her to the vet this morning and they have been running tests all day. So far, the news has not been great. Cancer is very probable, and it looks very invasive. We are surprised that her decline is happening so quickly. She is almost 13 years old, a senior dog, and up till last week, she still had that spunk about her. We are now very sad that she is now suffering. Teddi will remain at the veterinary hospital overnight, and we will get the final bloodwork results tomorrow morning. We are not optimistic.

As this is going on, my boss calls to inform me that a major ‘resource action’ (layoff) was occurring today in my group. My heart stopped (I’ve been on the bad side of these actions twice in 15 years).

She then informed me that I was one of the FEW remaining employees on the team. I was not laid off, BUT we have to absorb the work. Now, if you are a regular reader to my blog, you know I am on pins and needles with this job as it is. Now the reality will be I am on my own and have no one to delegate to. Considering my company is having the best year profit-wise, I am a bit shocked that this is happening.

Actually, I’ve been sitting at my desk comatose for the last 3 hours mumbling incoherently and swearing.

Oh yeah, and since yesterday, I’ve also gotten what I might describe as, oh, my PERIOD (or something that strongly resembles AF and a new cycle). The irony, the irony. An event I’ve been waiting for since July. And celebrating is the least thing on my mind.

One thought on “Shock and Awe

  1. So sorry to hear about your dog. I've been there before & sounds as though you know what to do. It isn't the quantity of life, it is there quality. 13 is a good age. We lost one to cancer at 15.I hope your job doesn't turn out to be stressful now, that is all you need!!

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