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The Snapshot:
Naively Start TTC#2 Sep 2005
m/c #1: Apr 2006 11w2d
m/c #2: Aug 2006 (chemical)
m/c #3: Jan 2007 5w2d
m/c #4: Jun 2007 7w2d
IUI#1: Dec07: BFN
m/c #5: (IUI#2, Jan08) 7w3d
IVF#1 Aug08: BFN
New diagnosis: Poor Egg Quality
Moved on to Donor Eggs 12/08
IVF #2 (DE) Jul09: BFN
(DE) FET Nov09: BFN

The Story:

Husband and I had been married for 7 years when we decided to try for our first. It was fate when we literally woke up on the same day and said, “let’s do it!”

And so we did.

Armed with my TCOYF “Take Charge of Your Fertility” book in hand, I started temping and logging each bodily function, and it worked in short order.

TWO cycles in fact.

There began my uneventful and glorious pregnancy, and my son was born in May of 2003.

Luck was on my side.

In mid-2005, we decided to try for one more. Little did we know the road that was ahead of us that would become secondary infertility.

Five miscarriages to date via traditional methods and IUI. Miscarriages are likely all the result of eggs that are old and broken.

I am defined as “unexplained”. Tested out the wazoo for recurrent pregnancy loss which showed no obvious issues. No uterine abnormalities. Decent FSH even upon my 40th birthday. Normal cycles. No male factor issues.

Donor Eggs were not the answer either. One failed fresh cycle, and one miserably failed FET in 2009 left us financially and emotionally bankrupt.

The painful sordid history:

Naively Start TTC#2 Sep 2005

Miscarriage #1: Apr 2006 11w2d (blighted ovum, missed m/c)
Miscarriage #2: Aug 2006 (chemical)
Miscarriage #3: Jan 2007 5w2d (unknown cause)

Full RPL Panel, February 2007, all normal

HSG, February 2007, normal except for a suspicious “potentially” blocked right tube.

DH’s SA- normal.

Miscarriage #4: Jun 2007 7w2d; heartbeat never detected, failed d&e, medicated/natural miscarriage that took two months to start!

August 2007-October 2007 “hCG Drama”; took three months after miscarriage and Cytotec adventure for hCG to reach less than 5.

Miscarriage #5: February 2008. A BFP on my 40th birthday from a heavily medicated IUI cycle. Wonderfully doubling betas. A strong heartbeat @ 6w3d. No heartbeat a week later. Another failure.

The “Swan Song” cycle (for my eggs): July/August 2008
Our first IVF (Antagonist Protocol)
14 eggs retrieved, 12 fertilized, none made it to freeze.
Three embryos transfered on 8/21/2008. None stuck.

Diagnosis: Bad luck and BAD eggs.

Donor Egg Cycle #1 cancelled 3/2009. Donor failed last psych test before meds began. There’s that bad luck AGAIN.

New donor on board 4/2009 for DE Cycle #1 Part II.

Given the “all clear” on June 10th. Started Lupron on June 18th. Downed the last BCP I’ll ever take in my life on 6/23/2009.

Donor retrieval was 7/23/2009. We got 16 mature eggs, and 14 of those fertilized normally. Transfer of two 5 Day blasts on 7/28/2009. BFN on 8/6/2009.

Really, are you kidding me??? How could that not have worked???

In October 2009, we did an FET from the donor cycle. Seven lovely embryos awaited us.

Make that ONE. Six embryos arrested attempting to thaw !$@#%!!!. We transferred The Lone Ranger and hoped for the best, but bad luck found us once again.  Beaten down, demoralized… ARGH!!! enough already!!! Apparently donor eggs aren’t a miracle for everyone.

So began our time of rest and reflection.  And therapy.

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