Well, isn’t that just a hoot.  I never posted my wrap-up to my cleanse!  I did make it to the end, and I will say with all honesty that I had mixed feelings about it.

I did enjoy the feeling of eating?…. let’s be serious, there wasn’t a lot of eating.  A lot of drinking, and not enough eating.  That was a major drawback for me.  I have come to the conclusion that VEGAN I will never be, and I am okay with that.  I tried it, and it really did work… it’s just not my cup of tea.  I lost 11 pounds and 6 inches (waist, hips, bust).  But I missed protein, and my energy level was only awesome when I supplemented with extra protein.    It did highlight my addiction to carbs (because really, there is NOTHING sadder and mentally painful than crashing down from carbs) so I feel like I have a much-improved outlook on how to ration my carbs to a healthy level.  Ingesting no sugar was also interesting, and while it did not affect me as much as the carb detox (still having bad flashbacks!), it was an eye-opener.  Again, the take-away was being more mindful of sugar in my diet.

I spent the last few weeks kind of wandering.  Not back to Weight Watchers, not doing a cleanse, and having good days and bad days.  One thing I am excited about is the hubs and I invested in The Total Gym.  really.  I have to say I was on the fence about it, but darn it if we haven’t worked out on that thing almost every day since we got it.  Since I am still struggling with ongoing issues with my foot, it’s a good way to work out without stressing out the tootsies.  Can I just tell you how awesome is it to just stretch on that thing after a workout?  Heaven.

What’s next?  Well, I like the idea of meal replacement with a shake, so I have a very good internet friend who introduced me to Shakeology.  I plan to try that for awhile as I gradually nurse my injuries back to 100% and get fit enough to delve into a more rigorous exercise regimen.




Wagon Meets Road

Happy almost summer!

Nothing like the warm breeze of summer and an ill-fitting wardrobe to stimulate feelings of panic and dismay.  Another year, another %$#@!! YEAR! of disappointing myself with regards to my health.  Seriously, I cannot fathom why this is so difficult for me.     I’m really tired of rehashing the “whys”, because, I know WHY.  I love food, and I love my iPad.   Ridiculous portion size of food + little activity = FAT

There, that’s the mystery solved.

So, rather than micromanage my self-image and lack of control, I’ve decided to just hop back on that wagon.  Today.  Not next Monday, or after the next holiday.  Today.

Now, anyone that knows me IRL knows I am a lover of simplicity.  I am not a fad dieter- I gave that up in my twenties.  I’ve been a life-long member of the WW plan, because, well, it makes sense.  And it’s the only lifestyle that keeps a lid on my bad habits.  But… just like it takes x number of days to lose a bad habit, it really only takes me one day to reach critical mass when I blow it.  So there’s the problem.  The cycle that needs to be broken.

I stopped being a friend to myself.

So, last week.   I woke up and did a terrifying thing.  I stood in front of my full length mirror in minimal attire and RECOGNIZED that I have not been the best me as of late.  I took two photographs, one front and one from the side.  Then I cried (just a little).  Then I enacted a plan.

Now, usually, I just trot off to WW and solemnly hand over my weekly pass and fess up.  But the state of my being is different this time.

I am tired. Really, really dog tired.

I have no energy. I can’t sleep.

I am not sharp at work like I want to be.

I have no desire to do anything.

Is my mid-40’s catching up to me?  Have I finally reached that wall that all the older ladies at WW lamented about?  What is wrong with me (other than the fibromyalgia which is an entirely different conversation) and how did I let myself get back to THIS place?  is there something else going on? So many questions.

The reality is I really can’t get to the bottom of my health until I put myself into a healthy state.  I mean, imagine asking someone eating a donut about their health?  Wrong setting, wrong time!

So I needed a jumpstart.  I needed a way to clean my mind and body of the CRAP that has been festering.  I googled, and googled some more.  Then the Internet fairy (waat? sure there is one!) landed on a blog that discussed a cleanse.  I was suspicious (naturally), but checked it out anyway.  Then I happened on a friend- of a friend of a friend.  She had completed said cleanse and reported that it was a great experience, and had a positive impact on her energy level and propelled her to continue her new dietary lifestyle.  Huzzah!  I’m interested.

I researched and decided this could be a great jumping-off point to get back to neutral and evaluate what I need to do going forward.   For those of you interested to know, it’s the Purium 10-Day Transformation, and no, they are not paying me a dime.  I am hoping it was just kismet that brought me to them.

I started today.

Will I make it the 10 days with no carbs, no sugar, no meat, no cheese, NO COFFEEEE?  We’ll see.  I made it to noon!

I’m going to try to journal my thoughts along the way.  This a radical thing for me, but something I think is needed.

No time like the present to hitch the wagon!