Not Okay in OK

I really do not like to bring up certain hot button topics on this blog, because I am very much a non-confrontational type of person.  But when I read this post from Mel today, I just about fell out of my chair (for the second time in a week no less).

Seriously, this is out of hand.  The State of Oklahoma has tipped the slippery slope of abortion rights down into a hellish vortex.  Now, if you are a woman in Oklahoma choosing an abortion it carries two new perks.

1.  You will be belittled in front of medical professionals.
2.  You will be treated like a child and denied information about your pregnancy if a doctor sees fit.

And if you are wondering… there is no exception for rape and incest.  A state senator described the passing of this into law as “A good day for the cause of life…”

If this can happen in Oklahoma, it can happen in your state.

Scary beyond belief.

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The Lone Ranger

My bad luck follows me like a stray dog.

They had to thaw all 7 remaining embryos, and of those, only ONE made it through the thaw.  My clinic has a 70% thaw rate.  There I go beating the crappy odds once again.

I’m disappointed, sad, and generally pissed off.

The one that made it is “extremely good quality”, so says embryologist. I know it only takes one, but let’s face it… the odds are already slim that an FET will work at all, and now I just decreased my odds even further.

My journey… it’s so close to the end.

And now I have 48 hours of bedrest to ponder it over and over.


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The Downpour

Coming off of a stellar week, and when I say “stellar” I say that with the most sarcasm I can muster.

I’ve been sick since last Friday, with some sort of head cold/sinus infection. I can’t even describe the amount of pain I was in over the weekend. I can tell you that I seemed to have passed my cold to S., and David has been acting a little wonky, and wonky=sick is coming. This despite washing our hands until raw, and coating my house in a thin layer of Lysol and disinfectant.

Rule #1: You cannot STOP the germs.

On top of all of this, S. found out his job vanished last week. Poof! It’s a veritable Halloween nightmare. It’s almost comical, really- that partnered with the news I received recently that my own job is pretty much toast (the job will go by the holidays, along with my sanity) . So we know one job is gone for sure, we are just waiting for the pink slip. Possibly both.

I’m not going to lie. I am steps away from losing my mind. That being said, we are coping. I don’t know how, but we are. We have begun preparations for the hurricane of job loss. Around now, I would be starting a Christmas list. Not this year.

I’ve been diverting my attention with David activities. He has soccer 2x a week, and just started cub scouts (which he LOVES so far). Poor S. had to do both without me this past weekend. I was lounging in bed with a cold ice pack on my head and hyped up on caffeinated hot tea.

I should mention that a sinus infection + Lupron is a bad mix. So for my friends cycling, if you feel a sickness coming on RUN (don’t walk) to the doctor for antibiotics. Or suffer the worst headache you’ve EVER had.

I’m just sayin’…

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Proof my life revolves around Infertility and Handbags

I’m not one for blog statistics, but once in awhile I dig in to see how people have happened upon this blog.

I call it the Keyword Boredom Buster. Last time I posted about this I focused on some of the serious/heartbreaking search terms, so this is the more lighthearted version.

“is a 5 day transfer a good thing?” well, sure, if it works!

“jack sparrow pregnancy” oooh, is this the new twist for the next Pirates of the Caribbean installment? Something tells me this is stretching Johnny Depp’s acting range. No- a pregnant male pirate is not an image I want in my head. But thanks for putting it there.

“fortune for getting pregnant” well, I can tell you it hasn’t appeared in any of my fortune cookies, but if it does, I’ll let you know.

“i’m infertile and I hate celebrities” yeah, me too.

“help, I’m trapped in a zoo” I hope you’re not in the lions den. Good luck with that.

“cheap handbag looks expensive” You are KILLING me! This just does not exist. It DOES Not.

“is ringing in my ear sensing danger” Are you on my favorite show, Heroes?? …either that or you have an ear infection. I’m betting ear infection.

“only infertiles are intelligent” I like you.

“is transfer implantation” I hope you are someone googling this because you are intrigued by the media’s apparent lack of intelligence in that they simply CANNOT get the terminology right (especially with regards to recent events in the news). You TRANSFER embryos, not IMPLANT them. Using the word “implant” implies that people that undergo IVF should SUCCEED, and we ALL know how untrue that is. Oh hell, I just stepped onto my soapbox. Stepping down now.

“I love coffee more than husband” Disturbing and truthful.

“I’m stored in the closet” Hopefully, you have some nice handbags to look at. Is it dark in there? Wait, are YOU a handbag?

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