TV Break! Celebs that would make cool BFF’s

This blog isn’t all infertility, all the time. Well, it has been lately, but I still have other things to share. You see, while I am waiting for the phone to ring (or not), I am watching TV and my computer monitor for Internet live-streaming.

Are you watching The Bachelorette? Because honestly, I am a sucker for these types of reality shows. Sort of like sitting down with a bag of potato chips and a 20oz. Coke. Salty and Sweet. How could you not like Jillian? She’s full of spunk and moxie and even reads all the comments to her blog. Something tells me that she is one of the “more real” reality stars. She’s probably kicking back right now in her PJ’s and fuzzy bunny slippers watching her episodes eating cheese curls and hot dogs.

I approve of Jillian’s casting off of Reid last night. Sorry. He might be a nice guy from my hometown in Philly, BUT he’s too…. non-committal. Too… dull. You snooze, you lose my friend.

Speaking of moxie, my other addiction is So You Think You Can Dance. Hate the title, but love the host. Cat Deeley should be raking in the $$$, not Ryan Seacrest! Travesty!

One my blogging friends brought up the fact that Cat would probably be a very cool friend in real life. I agree! Cat would be fun to hang out with, and since she’s tall she probably has big feet which means I could borrow her shoes! Have you seen her shoes?? In fair trade I could let her borrow my handbags. Wait… who am I kidding? She probably OWNS more than me. Scratch that, she definitely owns more than me.

Last, I totally need to clue you in on my lunchtime obsession. At 12noon, I tune into the Fox News Strategy Room for the Entertainment Hour with Jill Dobson. If you haven’t been to the Strategy Room, well, HELLO! You must. It’s internet streaming only (not on TV). Relax, my “left-wingers”, this is a no-politics chat about everything celebrity. And I bet Jill would make for a cool friend IRL, too. Stick around for the other segments (weekdays, 9-5)… it’s good stuff.

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Sick time, Entertainment, and a Bitter Infertile

I am feeling tons better (thank you!) and back to work with my head firmly atop my torso.

The upside to being sick is a lot of couch time, and therefore, a lot of TV time. After copious amounts of channel surfing I’ve come to the conclusion that regular TV programming is pretty boring and repetitive. There are some exceptions.

I caught up on the Top Chef marathon last week and awaiting the finale. Is it me, or is there something very magnetic about Tom Colicchio? He can cook for me anytime. lol.

I wasted hours I’ll never get back watching Celebrity Rehab “Sober House” (is it wrong that I feel sad for Andy D.ick?) and Rock of Love (where do they GET these vapid skanks???)

But my favorite catch-up was Dr. 90210. He may be a master of plastic surgery, but Dr. Rey is a BONEHEAD when it comes to female reproduction. His wife (who seems really sweet, but spends far too much time locked up in their mansion) thought she “could” be pregnant. A conversation ensures where Dr. Rey says (and I am paraphrasing here)… “I just KNOW you are pregnant. You are MOODY and you have been eating A LOT.” Wow. Now that is a diagnosis. When the test is ultimately negative, Mrs. (Hayley) Rey adds “my pregnancies never show up on a pregnancy test when my period is due”. Apparently she is not infertile NOR a follower of Taking Charge of Your Fertility. For this fact, I am uber jealous, because I am reminded that most women are fertile beings like Hayley, not bitter and subfertile like me. Plus, her husband is a plastic surgeon. I mean, come ON!

I resisted throwing my banana peel at the TV mocking the injustices of the world.

I then thanked the heavens that Dr. Rey is not a Reproductive Endocrinologist. Although, if I am in the market for a boob job and a tummy tuck he’s the guy I want doing it.

Perhaps I should take the money for the donor cycle and just get that done instead?

Nah. I’d rather be flabby with a baby in my arms.

Don’t touch my remote!

Being at home for the month has been interesting so far. Since I’ve been taking it easy for the last week or two, I’ve had the opportunity to be a couch potato.

Not since college have I actually watched daytime TV. Really. I just don’t turn on the TV during the day, even working from home.

I have to say that now that I have partaken in some TV watching, I’ve come to the conclusion that daytime TV is a joke.

“Maury”, for instance. It is illogical to watch show after show on one subject: “Who’s the Father?” These girls and boys need a reality check (or a stern slap across the face). Yesterday, I saw an episode that featured one young girl and THREE potential fathers. You guessed it, none were the father in the end. I don’t know whether to lecture the television regarding safe sex, or take an ax to it. Angers me to no end.

And let’s not forget the lovely “I’m having a baby” shows on those other channels. Today, a woman and a man ponder life with twins. Queue in the narrator, “Ann and John were expecting one boy and one girl, but to their surprise they had two boys upon delivery”. New Mom says, (and I am paraphrasing here) “I was so surprised, but then I was worried and a little upset I had so many girl clothes and decor…. I really had my heart set on one of each…”

Ummmmm, Ann? How about being happy you gave birth to TWO healthy babies with beating hearts?
Geeeeeeez…. are you kidding me????

Probably the one show I found palatable was a show I saw on the Dis.cover.y Health Channel that documented the pregnancy of a woman who, after 6 years of infertility, got pregnant via IVF with…. sextuplets (3 embies put in, two split to identicals, all took). I found it moving, especially when she got to 20 weeks and discovered two had passed away (she eventually gave birth to quads). Poor girl’s ultrasound was being filmed, and on camera she found out two of her babies died. Broke my heart.

But what truly took the cake was a show titled, “Half Man, Half T.ree”. No, I am not kidding. The dude had tree limbs growing on his hands and feet. Not making that up. I was speechless on that one.

If I were a smart woman, I guess I would have had my IVF scheduled during the new Fall season. At least I wouldn’t have to view reruns.

Instead, I revert to my favorite TV channel… CNN. Especially interesting this week with the Democratic Convention. ‘Cause I’m all geeky like that….

Maybe I’ll turn off the TV for the next few days. I’m worn out.

Intestinal Fortitude

My tummy hurts.

I sound like my 4 year old, but it’s true. My stomach is not feeling good. In fact, it’s been doing topsy turvys for a week now. I thought it could be related to my current state, but as the days go by I am thinking it’s a stomach bug. Everytime I eat something, my stomach starts to gurgle and I make a quick stage left exit to the ladies room.

This is not suprising… hubby has noted that a few of his co-workers have had an intestinal virus of some sort, so no doubt I either picked it up through him, or, more likely, my son’s daycare. David rarely gets sick, but he’s become a master at being the “carrier” for all sorts of illnesses.

The school posts all recent “outbreaks” on the parents board at the entrance. Today, we have pink eye (a usual one), and whooping cough.

Is it no wonder that I try to touch NOTHING entering or leaving the building??? You try opening a hinged door with an elbow. I’ve mastered each doorway and stairwell. I also keep disinfectant wipes in my car, and wipe my hands down as I’m leaving. I suppose if there was an option for a Hazmat Shower at the door, I’d use that too.

Ok, question for the masses.

Who here watches “Jon and Kate Plus 8” on TLC? My son loves this show (S. does too…secretly). All I have to say is I can feel my blood pressure rising at the mere thought of having 8 kids under age 6 in one house. The sextuplet thing makes me break out in hives.

I also just realized that the family in the show lives relatively close to me. And I also wonder who her RE was (it had to have been local, right?). And, what meds she was on (it had to have been injectibles/iui, because I can’t imagine an RE would knowingly transfer 6 embryos via IVF. ) Did they ever talk about that on the show?

It just boggles the mind.

Well, back to work.

Two days to go.