If only weekends were longer

It’s so old to say “I hate Mondays”, but I really do.

I hate Sunday evenings too, because the threat of the looming Monday just kind of ruins my evening. S. and I were wtaching the Eagles (YEAH!) kick the Giants to the curb last night, and after we jumped for joy at the final Akers field goal with 3 seconds to go on the clock… (damn, that was a good game) we don’t even care that we win against New Orleans next week, cause we made it to the playoffs without McNabb!

wait, where was I?

Oh yeah, after we jumped up and yelled at the end of the game, we turned to each other and said…

“Eeeew, tomorrow is Monday”.

And, from that point, I started my Sunday night ritual. Get David’s clothes together for school, prepare his lunch for the morning, finish folding the wash, clean up the kitchen, take out the trash…. 9pm, bedtime.

5:30am came too soon this morning.


Last night

Well, since I talked so much about the non-holiday show at David’s preschool, I am sharing pictures.

Yep, he was a snowman.

It was a cute show, but it was crammed with parents, grandparents, siblings, and video cameras… so the poor kids ended up a little stage-shy.

David, however, was a ham as usual!

What’s BagMomma been up to?

Well, I’ve not had much time to lurk in my usual places or post here because this week has been a busy one.
Hubby is home on vacation, so inbetween my work, we’ve been taking the little guy on some short trips to get in the festive spirit.
Last evening we went to StoryBook Land. Now, for you Philly/Jersey folks, you probably know it well. It’s a mighty cute themepark designed for toddlers- just outside Atlantic City, NJ.
Around the holidays, they light the whole place up.. the landscaping, the rides… and they even have some fake snow machines to dust the park with snow.
We picked to go on a Thursday night thinking the crowds would be a lot less than the weekends, and it was really nice.

The only downside to the night was I couldn’t get very good pictures because it was sooooo foggy, the camera couldn’t handle it.
If you live in the DE,PA, NJ, NY area- I highly suggest it. Lots of fun and merriment abound.