Is there such a thing as toddler delinquents?

I picked up David from preschool yesterday, and he mentioned in the car that his preschool friend, Sam (not his real name), was kicked out of school (his words).

“What do you mean, kicked out of school?” I said.

“Sam is a bad kid. His Mommy came to get him because he is always in trouble. And he’s not allowed to come back to play with us.”

So, this conversation is intriguing to me. One, because I have been in the company of Sam. To me he always seemed like a kid just wanting attention. But as I witnessed over the course of the last couple months, his behavior was pretty bad every time I’ve been in the same room (which is like 1/20th of the school day… imagine what its like the other 98% of the day).

He often would push David down in my presence, with no reason. My husband said that 9 times out of 10 when he picks up David, Sam would knock David’s lunchbox out of my husband’s hand for sport. If David reached for his coat hanging up under his cubby, Sam would body slam him.

Once I corrected Sam (a week or so ago), saying, “That’s not nice Sam, there is no reason to do that to David”. I’ve never done that before, but I felt like my son was Sam’s favorite punching bag… until I started talking to other parents and finding out that Sam’s target isn’t just us, it’s everyone and anyone.

I assume that the school picked up on this and the result is Sam is gone… for now. I don’t know the specifics.

It feels very odd to think that a 4 year old can be expelled from a preschool. I wonder how that conversation ensues…

…well, your kid is a blight on this classroom, so you are outta here…..?

Where do you go as a parent if you are told your child is out of hand? Does anyone follow up to ensure he gets assistance (if he needs it)?

It just seems so crazy to me.

And for my son, well, he has just been introduced to the ugly side of preschool. And, it won’t be the last time I fear.

Would you be having Dove or Irish Spring this evening?

Last night David was brushing his teeth (S. was in there with him) and he came out of the bathroom and said…

“Mommy, Daddy said he’s f*&king done.” “I think we need to wash his mouth out with soap!”

You know, it’s bad enough that David knows the bad words, thankfully, I have gotten it into his head that he should not speak them. Especially in school or to Grandmas and Grandpas.

However, he has deemed himself the potty mouth police and is now ratting out his own father.

I love it.

The source of the potty words come primarily from S. He works in the auto business where a sentence isn’t a sentence without a four-letter word in it. He tries to keep it in check when he gets home, but he just has a habit of slipping up every once in awhile.

Unfortunately, he always manages to slip up in front of his son.

I know S. feels bad about it.

What’s that old saying, “Do as I say but not as I do”?

S. is such a good role model and dad to David. I just wish he could put the brakes on the language.

After all, I manage to think about what I say (before I say it) in front of David… of course, I am perfect you know. lol.

And I never tasted a bar of soap! 🙂

The best of: David TV

What is a three year old toddler watching these days on TV?

My son is the conoisseur of the PBS Kids Sprout channel. He’s a cartoon snob, can’t get him to watch Nick Jr or Disney anymore, it’s all about PBS.

Here is a list of his favorites he likes to watch as he sits back with this “2007 Reserve” cup of Apple Juice:

Kipper: He’s a dog with friends, and an annoyingly cute theme song.

Fireman Sam: What’s life without firetrucks? David has been watching this show the longest. Interesting viewing for parents who always wondered what’s going on in Wales. Apparently, the world revolves around Sam and an Italian restaurant (go figure). Let’s not forget Norman’s Mom who looks AND sounds suspiciously like Dana Carvey’s Church Lady (from SNL)… or a cross-dressing George Bush.

Caillou: ah yes, the ever-present Caillou. I think I know all 50 episodes by heart. Poor sister Rosie is always pushed off to the side while Caillou whines to his parents on each episode. What is with this family? At least the cat, Gilbert, Rexy the Dinosaur, and Teddy (the bear) offer mild entertainment between sketches.

Yeah! Arts and Crafts

I’m off work today, and home with the little man. He is having a ball with his new Playdough Activity Center. Only problem for me is supervising to ensure my new carpet remains undamaged and that the dog doesn’t eat the giant blue snake David just made.

Back tomorrow, and I promise something more comedic and less Lifetime movie’ish! I swear my life is not this depressing!