Summer Nights

What’s going on?

It’s been awhile, and as usual life moves at lightening speed. Recently, my boy turned 9 years old. I know.  I am equal points proud of my little man, and frankly, a little unhinged that the next birthday is a big one for him. My little boy, not so little anymore…

Yeah, everyone talks about how fast time moves along, but I swear I can’t tell you where this year is going. I’ve been busy continuing on my life improvement journey. It’s going really well. I had a review of blood work and my cholesterol is normal! for the first time in my life. I am still losing weight, which is awesome. I am, however, still losing my hair (boo) and dealing with moderate to OMG pain! muscle and joint issues (for which I have a specialist appointment in June). So, good news/bad news I guess, but I’m just happy to put my health first. I’ll get there one step at a time.

Summer is looming, oh heck, it’s here I guess. The boy finishes 3rd grade on the 20th of June. We joined a swim club, once again (and maybe taking advantage of it more frequently when I’m not working). I joined a CSA (Co-Op) at an organic farm this year. First time doing this, and I am all kinds of excited. Will post some pictures of my bounty over the summer. As long a we don’t have a drought here in the Northeast, I should be very happily stocked with veggies.

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Vacation cannot come soon enough. Summer means our annual road trip down south to Hilton Head Island, SC. I am looking forward to my feet in the sand.  My chair is waiting…

 Lastly, it finally dawned on me why I find it so hard to blog here, and the reason came quite clear to me in the shower this morning (whaat?  I do my best thinking in the shower)... I hate this platform I am on. I am going to finally reinvent and renovate this place and move it to WordPress. I have a couple other places I’ve been writing, but it only seems like I am cheating on my first love, which is BagMomma and the years of history I have here. So, I am consolidating, shutting the doors on extraneous blogs and coming home (here)… although here will be “there” soon. Dresden, are you reading? I may need a line on some technical help to accomplish what I want to do. 🙂 For those of you that are still hanging in, thank you. I am still here and will continue to be, even more.

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The title of this post? I heard this “Grease” classic while in line at a store a couple days ago, and I can. not. get it out of my head. Danny and Sandy on the brain…. my son thinks I am crazy as I have sang the complete song from end to end while sliding in the kitchen. He has not seen the movie “Grease” yet, even though I bet I can find it in five seconds on any cable channel right now. I’m thinking I will need to bust out the soundtrack at least so he knows I am not making this sh!t up. If you could only see the perplexed look on his face when I burst into my medley… in 1978 I WANTED to be Sandy SO BAD… of course that was when Travolta was… ummmm… more appealing.


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Six going on Sixteen

My son has a teensy crush on Taylor Swift. Which is cute for a six (almost) 7 year old.

Note to family and friends:  David is asking for Taylor Swift pencils for his birthday.

Heck, I may even have a crush on Taylor Swift (in a I-wish-I-had-a-daughter kind of way). It’s nice to know that there are some celebrities that aren’t wading knee-deep in the “look at me, I am so much more important! and relevant! than you!” stage…. ala Heidi Montag, who, while no longer a teen has somehow reinvented herself into a Frankenstein’ish 40 year old.  Scary.

Note to older adult David:  This is not the girl you want to marry.

Did she realize she looked younger BEFORE the plastic surgery??

Anyway, certain milestones such as “crushes on teen queens” phase reminds me that my little guy is not so little anymore.

As evidenced by his pants size. At the beginning of the school year, I hemmed his uniform pants which were too long (then). Now? Just 7 months later, he has grown at least an inch and a half. Which means I have more hemming in my future. I should also mention that I never even knew how to hem until the last two years. Domesticated, I am not. The only reason I self taught myself is sheer laziness… if I knew a tailor I would pay to have it done.

Do you remember this picture?

One of my favorites. I want to say he was maybe 18 months here- sitting with Daddy on his new motorcycle.


If you are a Facebook friend, you saw that I posted a picture of S. giving David his first “real” ride on the Harley last weekend.

What a difference 5 years makes…

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