Game Over

Well, sorry to leave you all hanging (I’ve been installing the new home computer all day, more on that later because it has been just frought with roadblocks!).

Friday was the last day I had a positive HPT. The booster/trigger was gone by Saturday, and alas….

no second line to be found.

I was upset about this Saturday night. It means my dream of at least being pregnant before my 40th birthday is gone. I bitched, moaned, and drank a couple of glasses of wine. Then I whimpered on the couch and had another glass of wine. Then I went to bed and couldn’t sleep. The pits.

I don’t feel all that much better today, but I have no choice but to move onward. AF just started mere moments ago, so in a couple of days I’ll be back at the RE’s for a CD3 scan.

We will do one more shot with injectibles/IUI (hopefully we can get the go to start right into another cycle… I have meds left).

If the next is a bust, we aren’t wasting anymore $$ for meds and u/s, when we can get a better chance at IVF. But getting to IVF means the end of the road and money is near…. which is scary.

I leave you with two thoughts for the day:

Windows Vista sucks.
I hate to fail.
2008, how could you piss me off already??? It’s only the first week of the year.

ok, I guess that was three thoughts.

Just because it’s technically my day job doesn’t mean I have to like it

Diagnosis = hard drive and major OS malfunction

After about 6 calls to tech support, and endless CHKDSK commands, I deemed my hard drive unrecoverable, and the tech walked me through reformatting. I am left with what are the original factory settings, which amounts to Internet Explorer and some cool windows games.

Yes, I did have a backup of important files… so I didn’t lose EVERYTHING. But as I sat down and tried to remember the myriad of software and downloads I had on my pc, I started to sniffle.

I am in no mood to rebuild the last 4 years of computing.

And since my hardware is getting ancient already (shudder the thought), I figured I might as well nix the rebuilding of the old data and bite the bullet and invest in a new desktop for the family.

I hate technology.