Cool cats

Every once in awhile, I get the question…. “how are the CATS??”

Well they are a year old now (if you can believe it), and have been with us for about 9 months. I can’t imagine them not being here, they have been just a joy to have from the day we brought them home last June from the shelter.

Riley is David’s cat. This cat lives and breathes for David. He waits patiently for David to come home from school, and proceeds to curl up on the chair with him until dinner time. You cannot imagine how happy this makes me. David never really had a pet that cared so much for him, and I envision many years of boy/feline friendship. lol.

A funny story about Riley’s nickname… we often call him Bimwidie. Why Bimwidie? Well, around Halloween last year, David had his “Pretend Veterinarian Kit” out and was playing with Riley. Listening to his heart, and pretending he had a paw injury. He had this little fake prescription pad, and was just starting to learn how to spell small words. Across the top, he wrote the word “Bimwidie”. When I asked him what the word was, he said it was Riley. The name stuck. Much like how my former cat was named Luke, but became Mr. Meister Kitty.

Harley prefers me and S. He has managed to channel my previous most beloved cat, Luke, in his behavior and coolness factor. He comes when you call him, can’t wait to sit down with us, and nudges me awake in the morning. He’s low-key all the time (a total lap cat), unlike his brother Riley who is part daredevil cat.

It’s hard to believe it, but we actually managed to take on two new pets in 2008 (after we lost three in 2007), and BONUS! they are alive and well.

There’s hope for the BagMomma family yet!

Friends indeed

The kittens! It’s been awhile since I posted about the kittens, er, cats. In the last two months they’ve sprouted into what seems like full size cats.

David is enamoured by them. When I think back to when I was questioning adopting the kitten brothers, I could kick myself for almost not bringing them both home. They are entertaining, fun, great companions, and most of all… they are playmates for David. They follow him around, watch movies with him on his portable DVD player (really!), and provide endless entertainment to a five year old (and us too).

Now that they are here, I can’t imagine being without them. The house just feels a lot fuller with pets around.