What’s the last new thing you’ve done?

Life in general has been sort of a rut for me in the past, but I’ve been doing A LOT of new things since my career change. David seems to be getting the biggest perks (in his mind anyway) because he finally has a Mom that is present in body and spirit.

We recently explored a few new parks, got a swim club membership, visited new places during THE DAY, made a few dinners together (instead of me throwing together what I can last minute).

As for me, I am doing something quite interesting and OUT of my comfort zone next week… I am getting a spray tan before we go on vacation.

I pray I won’t look like this:

But as I’ve been expanding my horizons, I thought… why the heck not? The worst that will happen is I’ll look slightly different for 7 days.  And, I’ll be out of state with my bad tan, so who will know me anyway? I’ll just put on my Snooki-tude.

(Truth be told, my Mom was the guinea pig, and her tan looks great… shhhhhh).

did I just make a new word, Snooki-tude?

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Barbie, the Groundhog, and Me

What do you prefer to do on your birthday?
My birthday is February 2nd, in the dead of winter. I always hated that phrase “dead of winter”, sounds depressing, no?
Anyway, 2/2 is also another well-known day, at least to me and my family- Groundhogs Day. I used to hate that my birthday was related to a rodent, but I’ve warmed up to it over the years.
Needless to say, I never had any outdoor/pool/summer parties on my birthday as a kid, BUT I had some really great indoor parties.
Case in point, my 5th birthday, complete with a Barbie Doll cake and a Barbie Corvette.
One of these days S. and I are going out to Punxsautawney, PA and celebrate with the Master Groundhog, Phil.  Until then, the good news is I am always guaranteed a vanilla layer cake with buttercream frosting.  My favorite accompaniment to the 2nd of February.

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Chasing Youth

What has surprised you most about being an adult?

I remember being 18 and wishing I was 21. In my twenties I sort of looked forward to 30 because I always felt like I would be taken more seriously at that age.  Then I turned 35 and wanted to slam on the brakes before I hit 40.  Each time I passed a milestone the clock seemed to wind faster and faster ahead. 

By the time 40 arrived I had felt much like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz after being awakened from “the dream.”   Disoriented.   Wondering…  who am I, where am I, what did I miss, and where did the time go??

So I as I write this today,  I feel like each year progressively has sped up to the point that if I don’t stop and look around, I’ll miss a lot.  Even a whole year. Or decade. 

Yes, its true.  Time does pass MUCH faster as an adult.

And boy I sure hope that 50 is far in the horizon as it feels right now.  I’m really not ready for that.
I haven’t even planned my plastic surgery schedule yet.


Not really.

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