BagMomma loves: The PurseSitter

I’m excited to share with you the most adorable handbag accessory find.

The PurseSitter!

What a novel idea. It’s literally a stylish purse hanger for your handbag. No more putting that expensive/fragile purse on the floor of a restaurant or bar and subjecting it to gosh knows what. Ewww, let’s not think about it. Not to mention the security issue of having your bag at your feet or on the back of a chair. Truth is, I’ve spent many evenings with my handbag on MY LAP for an entire meal because there was no way I was going to set my beloved purse on the floor.

When ChicFashion contacted me about this gem of a product, I literally jumped of my chair (really, I did). And then I oogled over the styles and colors. One to fit every woman’s personality. And they are exquisitely handmade with Swarovski crystals and enamel.

My Mom, who is the purveyor of ALL things fashionable (and the ‘original’ BagMomma) will be getting a few of these for the holidays. Finally, a gift I know she would LOVE and doesn’t have!

Please take a moment to visit the official PurseSitter site!

And start some early holiday shopping… for YOURSELF and then maybe your mom, sister, cousin, daughter, best friend, hair stylist, nail technician, babysitter, your children’s teacher, etc., etc., etc. You get the idea.

Safety first!

It’s almost summer, and it’s that time of year for vacations and day-trips to fun family places.

Believe it or not, we have another trip planned this summer (as if our vacation last week wasn’t enough!). We will be heading to Disney World in late August for our annual pilgrimage.

Now, normally I am a very easy-going Mommy in public places with my son. I give him room to roam while still keeping an intentive eye on him. But frankly, kids in theme parks can be a worrying place and downright scary, especially when the crowds are large. I mean, how many eyes can you have on your child(ren) at any given time?

I found a website with a cool idea. Actually, I first heard about this on “The View” some time ago, but I never blogged about it, so consider this a BagMomma PSA for child safety.

Who’s Shoe ID is a nifty way to safeguard your child in the event of (god forbid) you lose track of them in a place like a theme park. No one likes to plan for emergencies, but I think it’s a great idea to be prepared nonetheless.

Simply fill out the info and attach to your child’s shoe. I plan to buy a couple myself. It’s amazing how simple of an idea this is. So much easier that trying to get a four year old to memorize their address and phone number. Challenging isn’t even the word for that!

Happy and safe travels my friends!

Sometimes helpless, but not always hopeless.

Let me preface this by saying, I hate technical support.

Of any kind, but especially the support from my own company I work for. We call them the Helpless Desk. Because they truly are of no help to me.

Why do I bring up such a lame topic?

I spent time with three (no, four if you count the one my husband had to call first) help desks/technical support centers this week.

Helpdesk number one. Remember the wine cellar I raved about a couple months ago? Still love it, sans the fact that it died on Sunday. No power. No chilling. It was in our house for a mere six weeks. Hubby was the lucky guy to call tech support that day. After 30 minutes (are you SURE it doesn’t work???) duh!, they decided to replace it and ship us a new one. Hubby said dude on the line was surprisingly helpful.

Helpdesk number two. Remember my most favoritest coffee machine E-V-E-R? I blogged about it in February. I’ve used it every day since then. It’s as close as you can get to loving an inanimate object. Guess what?? It died on Tuesday. I cried because I was just about to brew a cup of French Roast. I was insanely pissed. I called the help people for Keurig. They were nice, and knew I was in coffee withdrawal (so I didn’t even have to get jiggy with them, lol, they were super sweet- that sure deflated my anger). They sent a replacement for my unit yesterday. I still love you Keurig.

Helpdesk number three. I bought a portable GPS unit over the holidays. It’s really nice, and I love the fact that it is portable. We were excited to use it this weekend as we trek 750 miles to S.C. So, as any proactive person would do, I tried to update the maps in preparation for our trip. The boneheads who developed this product shipped it with an SD card with only 512MB capacity. The map and software already on the card reaches that capacity. You can’t download a map without having a map already installed….So, how do you add a new map with no space?
I go and buy a new 2GB SD card. I load it, and GPS doesn’t like it. So I call tech support, which informs me i can’t use a card with more than 1GB. whaaaat? 4 hours later, my TomTom was fixed and ready to go with the new maps, after being on the phone troubleshooting with their Level 1 and 2 people. But they were really nice. Overly nice. So nice I can’t complain that I spent most of my day yesterday with them.

So, I take it back.

Not all helpdesks are worthless. In fact, occasionally you run into very nice people who still believe in customer service. I was both surprised and strangely impressed.

Now if my own company could just straighten itself out. Do you think the nice TomTom guy can fix my wireless issues?

The upside to not being pregnant, yup there is one…


In copious amounts. Preferably red, or my favorite Riesling. I don’t discriminate. As long as it doesn’t come in a box, that’s alright with me.

Now, don’t get any ideas in your pretty little head. I am definitely a social drinker “on-occasion”. I’m not swilling the bottle every night (although lately, the thought has crossed my mind, lol). I like to indulge in a new bottle on the weekends. After 2-3 glasses I am pretty much shot anyway (cheap date, sue me). Nevertheless, I do like wine, and recently I have also converted hubby to wine as well.

We just recently cleaned out the unfinished side of our basement, and for the first time since we moved here 7 years ago, we finally have everything in order. In fact, we did such a good job cleaning the unfinsihed half, I am now wishing we finished more of the good side.

Anyhoo, the reason I mention this is our basement has served as our wine cellar. I had a couple assorted wine racks for the reds (because we mostly buy red), and a couple bottles of white that usually end up in the basement fridge to chill.

I always wanted a wine cellar, on it’s own. I don’t know why we never bought one, we just didn’t. Of course once hubby declares himself a wine connoisseur, we certainly need one now. [my eyes are rolling]

My BIL (brother-in-law) D. bought a nice one we liked for $250 over the holidays. It’s tall, rather than boxy, and we liked it since it would fit nicely in the corner. He got his at Home Depot on-line, but he got it at a good time when it was on sale with free shipping. So we waited, and waited. A couple days ago, I decide, gosh darn it, I want one.

I went to, typed in the product name and model. And, viola! one came up for $129, no sales tax, $9 shipping.


Back it up.

So, I am thinking… could this price be real? Is it really the same, exact wine cellar? Is it used, I mean, what the heck…..?!? How could the price be that low? It’s a scam, right?

We think, what the hell, it’s not like we are buying the Hope Diamond for crying out loud. What do we have to lose?

We ordered it on Sunday, and Tuesday morning, UPS man brought me my wine cellar.

Hubby was still unconvinced. We figured we’d open it and the door would be shattered, or there would be a foul stench upon opening the door. Or there would be a note inside that would exclaim “gotcha!” with a couple bricks.

Nope. It was p-e-r-f-e-c-t.

So, now, along with my other newest appliance that I love (my Keurig coffee maker), I now have a new love, the Haier Thermal Electric Wine Cellar.

God bless you