Thinking ahead isn’t far enough!

I just returned from an open house at our local church for preschool enrollment. I am really dumbfounded at how stressful this has become for me and other Moms in the same position as I am.

At issue, S. and I are discussing whether David will attend Catholic school or public for Kindergarten and beyond. I am on the fence… I want David to receive a good, well-balanced and thoughtful education. It’s really all about the best environment, and S. agrees.

Getting in to the local Catholic school is very difficult. It comes down to connections and who you know (and how much you throw into the collection plate week to week). It has a very good reputation. It’s not “expensive”, well, let me say that I am spending $9-10k a year for 4 full-days of preschool (yup, only four). Tuition for the Catholic school runs about $4k/year. So, to someone not paying already, it’s a big expenditure, but to us, it’s waaaay less than what we have been paying for the last 3 years.

Our public school system is not bad, but it is horribly overcrowded. The reputation locally is better than others, but certainly not at the top of the heap. We pay an incredibly high property tax here in our state. Most goes to school taxes… in theory, public school is “free”, so to speak, but the school taxes I pay are thousands of dollars a year.

So, we heard thru the grapevine of parents that in order to get “preferred” status at the Catholic school, you are best having your child already enrolled in the preschool and be a parishioner.

Well… we are parishioners, but David obviously not in the preschool program. So I go there today with 50 or so other parents only to find out (after a 40 minutes presentation) that there is only 2 slots for the fall. IN THE PRESCHOOL. for 4 year olds, because, most of the 3 yr olds are already moving up to take most of the slots.

So, I walked out. Annoyed. I will not camp out on March 7 for registration with hundreds of other parents for just TWO slots. I’ve heard about registration day there, and it’s not pretty. However, I bet it’s entertaining watching Christian parents push and shove and act in a very UN-christian like manner for a slot in preschool.

So, if we still want to start David off in Kindergarten there, we will need a wing and a prayer come this time next year.

I growing very grumpy with all of this, and it’s totally stressing me out.

On top of everything, if he goes to public school, we will then have to deal with the half-day kindergarten thing, and there is not any decent before/aftercare in my township which throws a whole other wrench in my plans.

I love the preschool he is in now, but it’s sadly in another township, so we won’t be able to continue there or use their after-school care since they won’t provide transportation to our public school. I am very bummed about that.

Any Moms (especially working moms) out there having similar issues or thinking about this subject? I’d love to hear what you are thinking about. I need ideas!!

Please tell me I am not the only Mom stressing out about this.

"Winter" Celebration

That’s what my son’s preschool is referring to for their “holiday” show. Nope, can’t call it “holiday”… they could potentially piss off someone who’s culture/religion does not have a holiday in December. So all us Christians, Jews, and Kwanzaa celebrating folks are out of luck.

I dropped David off at school today. When we walked to his classroom, there was “O Little Town of Bethlehem” playing on the satellite radio pumped through all the school speakers (usually it’s Barney, Sesame Street, Wiggles) but today they had on ACK! The holiday channel on XM radio. Someone will be fired for that, I’m sure!

David turns to me and says, “Mommy, they are playing baby Jesus music, that’s not allowed”.

And I cringed.

Why is our world reduced to this ultra-PC mentality?

What happened to opening the eyes of children to all customs and celebrations???

When did Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa become a four-letter word?

I want to expose my child to all religions, all cultures, all customs… and I am livid that this school ignores everything.

So, on my way out, I asked the Director about this policy. She was upset herself, and said that the owners of the school had decided that since they were worried they’d miss some culture/custom they didn’t know about, they put the AX to all of it.

So, my son’s holiday, I mean, WINTER show will be as sanitary as clorox bleach.

Just Jingle Bells and Frosty the Snowman.

What about the people who don’t like bells and snow? I’m sure they’ll be in a huff too… perhaps we should do away with that too.

Oh, and by the way, I asked the Director of the school if they ever had a parent complain about their display of one holiday or another, and her answer was (in 7 years of existence) NEVER.

She has however, had no less than 20 parents complain about ignoring the holiday season entirely.

I wonder why the school is still CLOSED for the week of Christmas. And I still have to pay tuition for that week the teachers are off.


F stands for…

Admit it, you were thinking of an expletive when you read that title.

Actually, if someone asked me what is the first work to come to mind when you see the letter F I would say Food. I know, pitiful.

In any event, this post is not about dirty words or food.

My son, as you might already know, is in preschool. Lest you think preschool is just another word for supervised babysitting (which it kinda is at times I guess)…. I am lucky to have David enrolled in a preschool that has a curriculum (gotta get something useful for the $800 a month ).

They have a “lettter” of the week. And to reinforce the “letter du jour they have activities around the letter like: show and tell, naming objects that start with the letter, tracing the letter, identifying the letter on paper… etc.

I am from the old school where no one taught anything logical until 1st grade. Kindergarten was pretty much play, coloring/crafts. and pulling hair.

Toddlers in this century are far more advanced.

Sometimes it’s scary.

So David comes home after writing his short story…. (just kidding) comes home from school with his firetruck in hand (the one he used for show-and-tell). F stands for Firetruck he tells me. And, then, he goes on to tell me about 8 other words that begin with the letter “F”. How did he memorize this?? I can’t remember where I left my keys but this child has memorized the lesson plan from his teacher. Amazing…

His teacher has informed me that he will be writing his name by the Spring…. !?! are you kidding me???

It won’t be long before my son is more (booksmart) than me. Just a matter of time before all our toddlers are teaching us. I am having a hot flash thinking about elementary school, middle school, high school… homework that I won’t be able to comprehend!

I better start cracking the books.

They don’t do algebra in kindergarten, do they????


Art by David

Every so often, David brings home artwork from preschool. He is always so excited to say, “Mommy I MADE this!”

Thought I’d share some of his masterpieces once in awhile. If anything, this will serve as a record of his talent long after the garbage can eats them, or after they are crumpled and stuck at the bottom of his toy box.