Notice for my regular readers

I added some links in the sidebar for easy access if you want to add BagMomma to your reader service such as Google Reader (my favorite) or Bloglines. If you have an active service, just click and it will add the BagMomma feed. I publish FULL feeds by the way (’cause I really dislike partial feeds!).

For my low tech readers (Steph this is you!) I also provided a link to subscribe to my feed to be automatically sent to your email on a daily basis. Easy as pie.

I am also doing some maintenance of the site, so you may see some outages here and there over the next few days… do not worry, I am just tweaking for a better site experience!

Just a temporary thing

I know, I know, I changed my blog template. This isn’t the new version, I just got tired looking at the shaded brown background.

I have a new look hopefully coming soon from Susie over at Bluebird Blogs. Until then, this is just a rest stop. 😉

And, if you are a keen observer, you’ll notice I have my own domain now!

Don’t worry though, if you link to my old blogger url, you’ll be forwarded to the new site automatically.

Important Note to my Readers

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Update your bookmarks to ensure you are accessing my site. BagMomma is only found here!