Ups and Downs

Well here’s a bit of good news. My new refrigerator was delivered this morning. Of course the best part is they showed up unannounced at 7am WHEN I WASN’T HOME. Apparently someone made an error at the store and scheduled delivery and forgot to call us to confirm.


The upside is they turned around and drove back an hour later, just enough time for me to haul everything out of the old one into the basement fridge.

The downside is I couldn’t fit everything in the freezer downstairs, so I have a free extra turkey thawing in the extra fridge.

Oh, and the new one seems to be working, so that’s good right?

On the bad side, I got 129 e-mails in my work inbox OVER THE WEEKEND. Freaking overachievers…

The good news is I created a folder called JOB #3 #4 and #5 in my email account and sorted them out of my inbox. I will get to them someday, or after I HIRE TWO people to backfill the roles. Does it make sense to lay off people and hire in the same two weeks? ….methinks not, but I am not the CEO of Big Computer Company. I just do my job. Times five.

Thank goodness it’s a short week.