V.ery I.mportant P.urchase

I did end up going to the Coach store on Sunday. You knew I would.

I just couldn’t keep myself away with that invitation staring at me.

That and Holly Marie, or was it Marie Holly, or Marileah? called me on Saturday and left a desperate message on my voicemail that I MISSED the VIP reception (heavens!), and if I stop by this week they will honor all the goodies I missed.

It’s nice to be loved by someone. Even if it’s a commisioned Coach employee who could give a crap about me.

Wait, I pay for Coach to love me… that’s so wrong isn’t it?????

….anyhoo, S. wanted to take a ride since it was such a beatuiful and cool day here in the Northeast. So, we all jumped in the car and somehow ended up at the Yankee Candle store (good Fall scents there btw), and then Starbucks, and then Coach.

I bought a Fall purse:

And I got a free gift and perfume.

Damn you, Coach.

I wish I could quit you.

A new purse brightens the day, but of course

So I wanted to treat myself to a new handbag, but the thought that I may end up in the poor house with these medical bills put the kabosh on that.

And then, a surprise.

My Mom, who in her inifinite wisdom knows that there are very few things that cheer me up when I am in a funk… gave me the CUTEST summer purse today.

A Michael Kors Santorini Woven Shopper with white leather detail.


I feel 2% more happy today.

Okay, maybe 5%.

Thanks Mom. You rock.

Bag Envy

Besides reading a lot of blogs, I like to keep up with the celebrity gossip. Not so much for the celebs themselves, but I love to see what unlimited money can buy in terms of fashion and accessories.

Take, for instance, my girl JLo. Who doesn’t want to be known as JLo anymore, just call me Jennifer Lopez please. I saw a bunch of pictures of her over the course of a couple weeks and SHE NEVER HAD THE SAME HANDBAG in her hand.

This is astonishing to me. One, I’m kind of jealous that she has that many (far outshines my closet of bags).

Second, the logistics of switching bags EVERY DAY defies logic. I mean, how can you keep track of your stuff when you are constantly switching off bags like shirts?

I am not a bag switcher. Unless I am going out and using a smaller bag. I tend to buy a bag and carry it for, say, two-three months. By that time we’re in another season and the switch is warranted. And when I go to switch bags, it’s a 20 minute task of cleaning out one, reorganizing into another.

Maybe the celebs without kids can do it easier. I mean, what does a single girl need more than a cellphone, lipstick, and a little wallet??

I buy Mom sized purses now. Don’t let the price tag fool you, I carry lovely bags that from the outside, looks nice. But peek inside, and you are guaranteed to find a juice box, a used tissue, a bottle of water, miscellaneous dollars floating around, some WetOnes, my wallet, and some half eaten lollipops that my son gave up on when we couldn’t find a trashcan.

What does JLo carry in her purses that makes it so easy to switch off? Does she even own them? Or does [insert designer here] just give them to her for free advertising (free for them, a tax burden for her)?

I wonder about these things.

I guess I am a little envious. My most prized handbags (in the you gotta be ridiculous to spend that kind of money on a handbag category) rarely ever get used, because I’d have a cow if I got a greasy handprint on them from my son.

They are treated like my own personal museum pieces. Every once in awhile I use them on special occasions… the rest of the time I am wondering why on earth I justified the purchase to myself. Unless they were a gift from my Mom (love ya Mom).

Oh yeah, that’s right…. it’s like my hobby. Hubby has his Harley, which will always cost more than all of my bags. No guilt trip there.

So, hey, if any designers want some free advertisement, you’ll know where to find me. I just hope you don’t mind that I don’t hang out in L.A. or NYC.

I am from the ultra-cool streets of New Jersey where the check-out girls at Target and my favorite Barista at my local Starbucks (who always notice my bag of the season) would LOVE one of your designs. Where the sun never sets unless it’s behind the shadow of a Wal-Mart and a Circuit City.

Whaaaaat? You don’t think Joisey is cool? Just call me Shelli from the cul-de-sac. The hip part of town next to the horse farm.


The latest addition to BagMomma’s closet

Here’s my latest addition to my ever-growing closet of handbags…

This was a biggie (dollar wise), and I rationalized my purchase because…
1. I got a VIP invite to the Coach store for 25% off anything I bought yesterday.
2. I had a $200 Amex GC from the holidays.
3. I am using my bonus from work to cover it.

I also picked up sunglasses too.

You should feel the suede, very nice. I don’t think I can keep this as my everyday bag, but it’s camel colored, so it should get a lot of mileage thru Spring, and into Summer.

I am just so weak when I am in the Coach store. It’s an addicition with no cure.