Riding off into the sunset…

You might remember I blogged about David giving up the sippy cup earlier this year.

Well, the last ties to toddlerdom are over as David finally…. FINALLY after 2 years of coaxing rode his bike!

This from a boy who never even rode a tricycle (trust me, we have one unused one in the basement AND a smaller bike that was NEVER used).

It was if he just decided that yesterday was the day. Of course it helped that his neighborhood friends were also on their bikes prodding him to follow.

Nothing like a little peer pressure…

I ran into the house and grabbed my digital camera to document the day. Excuse the crappy quality… it wasn’t my video camera, just the video feature on the regular camera:

Education and the frazzled Mom

Yes, it’s on. The single most important decision is upon us, and it’s (SURPRISE) not infertility related.


If you are a long time reader, you may remember me blogging about this topic a year or so ago. We were stressing the decision as to where to start David’s official education.

Since our daycare doesn’t do full day kindergarten (which saddens me, really, because I LOVE the school) we have the following choices:

1. Full day Kindergarten at a private school (closest I am considering is 30 minutes away… the other is 45 minutes away).
2. Full day Kindergarten at our local Catholic school.
3. Half day Kindergarten at local public school.

The cons:

Full day @ private school is very expensive and I would need to drive David back and forth on my own (and it’s the furthest in miles from my home). The quality of the education is unknown (depends on the teacher and the school curriculum).

Catholic school is full day, but only until 2:45pm. Aftercare would be needed for an hour or two.

Half day @ public school would be a nightmare. I would still have to find and pay for 1/2 day of daycare (which negates the free part of public school). The worst part would be coordinating the bus and the drive to aftercare. Technically, half-day at our public school is 2 1/2 hours total “in-school” time. And you don’t know if you get AM or PM session until 3 weeks before school starts. Yeah, I know….

The pros:

Full day at private school is least disruptive to mine and hubby’s working day.

Catholic school is only 1/3 the cost of private school and is just two miles away, very close. They provide free busing. And, they have the option to provide aftercare on site for a minimal fee. The school has a great rep for a good education.

No pros for public school, except to say that technically I am paying property taxes and school taxes, so it’s free but not really free. The quality of education is ok, but not stellar.

Hubby and I are leaning towards the Catholic school big time. S. has a strong affinity for the religious aspect (we are raising David as a Catholic). I like the school’s reputation. I must admit, I am not Catholic (raised Protestant), but we are parishioners there, and I’ve thought about converting. Pondered, lol. Those of you who know me in real life are probably shocked at that statement.

The big con for Catholic school, it’s harrrrrd to get in. Really hard. There’s a pecking order, and we qualify as we are parishioners (and we were married there and had David christened there). But we are not the big fish in the church. We are guppies amidst a sea of salmon, bluefish, and sharks.

Registration is Feburary 11th. I will arrive early and throw myself on the mercy of the staff to please let my kid in.