Moving on… finally

Well, the news from the RE front is good today. My last u/s for failed pregnancy #4 is in the books…. and happy to report one completely empty uterus.

I never thought I’d be happy with a report like that, but honestly, I finally feel the weight lifted off my shoulders.

I am free to move on.

And moving on we are. In late Sept./early October we will initiate injectibles cycle #1 with IUI. Setting up the protocol now, and determining what my health insurance will or will not pay for. It will be expensive either way, but at least I’ll know what to expect.

I do love my RE. He is the first doctor I’ve had that takes the time to sit down with me and talk. We both sighed relief looking at the u/s monitor today. Then we sat down in the conference room and I got out my list of questions, and he answered all of them completely.

I was concerned that we missed some diagnostics, but it appears we did not (at least anything he and I know of). We looked at everything from my work up a couple months back… immune and blood clotting panel, thyroid, FSH, E2… and so on. He even wrote down my results with the normal ranges for me to keep.

The irony is that everything looked great. I hadn’t even seen the last of my Day 3 tests… my FSH was 7.2 and E2 was 33 back in April. Normal.

The treatment is simple… get pregnant faster and not waste any more time. I will be 40 in February, and let’s face it, I am in the sunset of my reproductive years.

We are waiting on a redo of S.’s blood karyotype… (the lab lost the results from April), but assuming that is okay then we have only two likely scenarios for my repeated losses:

1 – chromosomal abnormalities
2 – bad luck

There’s those words again. BAD. LUCK.

Oh how I hate that.

The goodness in bad luck however, is that it can turn to GOOD LUCK on a dime. And that’s what we are hoping for.

I am in this for the long haul… so luck, we are waiting on you….