Guys, where were we?

LOST haters, you’re not going to like what I have to say.

Spoilers ahead. Stop now if you actually DVR’d this episode.

The finale, was, for me… a fitting end to the best show ever. Need a very simple and netted out recap of last night’s finale?  Check this out.

I can’t tell you the last time I bawled that much at the end of anything on TV.

True Losties like myself have been sort of on the fence this season, yes, it is true. Great episodes mixed in with a few snoozers left us wondering, where the hell is this going?

The reality is…. there is no perfect ending for all of us. That was the best part about Lost, and I am happy the writers left the ending open to interpretation. Because, HELLO??? isn’t that what this ride has been all about from the beginning?

The blogs, the podcasts, the ARGS, the endless dissection of each episode. Did any true fan want every answer tied up into a neat bow?

Not me.

I had an inkling a few episodes ago that the sideways flash was sort of a purgatory, or way-station if you will… when the dialogue of “letting go” seemed to come up every once in awhile. How clever, I thought… to give a nod to the unliked theorists from Season 1 who annoyingly kept insisting that the Island was purgatory.  Well, either that or Jurassic Park.  heh.


Oh how I love when Jack kicked MIB/Fake Locke/Smokey’s ass doing a Keanu Reeves-styled ninja kick from that cliff. (For a split second, I thought we were in The Matrix). And even though I knew things weren’t going to bode well for our hero after the stabbing, I took pleasure in Kate finishing the job. And loved Hurley taking over guard duty (although I take slight issue to the fact that he took Ben on as his #2 so quickly…)  I mean, really?  The Sayid/Shannon thing bugged me a little too.

Reading the commentary from this morning, I see many people are quite disturbed at the spiritual direction the end mapped to. Again, I say, if you’ve followed this series all the way from Episode 1 you can’t deny the plot was SEEPING in religious undertones. So why are you surprised now?

People are also miffed that they didn’t get all the answers.  Well, if you were looking for an answer to every question, you didn’t get it. Deal with it. No one promised that, and in fact THAT WAS THE BEST PART of the show. It’s not a cop-out from the writers. Remember, part of their job was to track the audience away from FIGURING OUT THE END OF THE SHOW.

NO, the characters were not dead from the beginning. They all lived on that island together. They bonded, they time-traveled, some died, some flew away in a giant jetplane at the end.  Each of them met their demise on a very long timeline, not together. The beauty is in the fact each created their own ending.

The last scene is, appropriately… timeless.  In every sense of the word.

Of course that’s my thoughts/commentary, and yours may be totally different.

BAM! See what I mean? The discussion continues forever.

Once again, brilliant!

Thank you, LOST, for providing such thoughful entertainment over these six years.  What the hell am I going to do with my free time now.


If you didn’t stay up into the wee hours of the morning, you may have missed this. Where are our island inhabitants now?

Watch and see.

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Friday Fragmentary Thinking

So much to say.

I just haven’t been in the mood to write it down. Or have the time, really. It’s been a crazy month, and June looks like it will be equally as crazy.

So this post is just a mish-mash of what’s been going on in my head lately.

Yesterday, we went to the zoo for David’s first grade class trip. It was great. Great weather, great time.

The coolest thing? The prairie dogs, the bears, the otters, the turtles, the cheetahs!… oh heck, just everything!  We’ll be going back soon to see everything we missed.  It’s hard to fit it all in with just a few hour window.

Pictures courtesy of my main man, S. who basically just followed the pack of Moms, Dads, and kids with my new camera.

Last week was David’s 7th birthday party. This was the first party I had at a party “place” instead of at home. He had a great time. We had family and friends from school. I must admit I liked not having to cook or clean up. lol.

Can I express my frustation at that 47 year old “celebrity” who is pregnant? Should I comment that I am a little PO’ed that by not disclosing HOW she got pregnant is merely giving a bad education to women out there that think they can pop out babies into their late 40’s? With their own body parts?  Who freakin’ knows…maybe she is in the lucky .00005%.  I certainly made that percentage on the flip side of unluckiness.

Perhaps I should convert to scien.tology. There’s one thing I haven’t tried yet.

Lastly, but not leastly… who watched Grey’s last night on the edge of their freaking seats?

And who’s with me on Sunday watching THE LAST episode of LOST??? I am beyond sad to see this show end.  Prepare for some live tweeting and lots of tears on Sunday.

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This post is going to be a lot about nothing. You see, I popped on to my blog dashboard and saw my last post was #666 on BagMomma.

Cleary, I don’t need any more bad mojo around these parts so I present to you, post 667… representing all things not connected with the devil.

Ok, so now that’s out of the way.

I’ve been a bit tired and headachey this week, and I guess I need to attribute that to lack of sleep. I’ve been doing a lot of TV watching this week which has been cutting in to my sleepytime.

Of course, Monday I couldn’t bear to go to bed before confirming the rumors were true- Jake picked Vienna on The Bachelor. Oh hell no! Truth be told, I was prepared. You see, I read one of those spoiler sites that mapped out the entire season before it even started. Why do I even care about this crap, I’ll never understand… but I was hooked.

Poor Tenley was left curbside, like a real-life horrifying Disney plot (her profession prepared her well)… like when Bambi’s mother was shot by a hunter, or Nemo’s mother was eaten by a shark. The audience was equal parts shocked and let down. I have to hand it to the braintrust from The Bachelor… geniuses. Instead of the traditional happy ending, the villainess wins. You know Jake’s mother is having a sh!t fit over this.

Credit: ABC

And Jake must be some sort of Golden Ticket for ABC. Now he’s on DWTS too! Talk about extending his fifteen minutes of fame… three TV seasons with this dude. He’s going to need the extra cash, because we all know Vienna is high maintenance. Kidding! Not.

I’m also blissfully taking in the last episodes of Lost. I am so bummed that this is it. I’ve never truly been addicted to a series like I have with Lost. No spoilers here, but I will say it looks like we reached the top of the mountain, and it’s all downhill now.

This is the time when there is no “jumping the shark”, and we finally get to see the plot and the characters go bonkers.  Love it.

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