Mixed Bag-Momma

My flowers… are beautiful in the backyard this year.

I had a dream last night that I was in my old fertility clinic. I rushed there after a call from my doctor, who exclaimed that I needed to come see a friend and her newborn. When I got there, I was handed a dark-haired baby with porcelain skin and blue eyes. Her Mom’s name was Trish (not anyone I’ve ever seen), and she wanted to give me her baby. The feeling I had…. was so real I woke up and started at the ceiling with tears in my eyes.

What a way to start the day. Good thing I am visiting Dr. Anne tomorrow.

So, we’ve been busy around our house lately. Enrolled the boy in Karate last week. Or shall I say, “mixed martial arts” because “The Master” said it was, and who am I to argue against a black belt? heh. Anyway, we chose this activity very carefully. Long story short (and for another post) David’s school recommended Karate to help David with his shyness/anxiety. We sat with him and just watched a few classes last week, then David started participating this week. After a rocky first 10 minutes, he was smiling and taking direction like he had been there for months. Way to go, my boy! Very pleased with the instructor so far. His values are on point with what we teach David at home, and if anything I hope that David starts to build his confidence and gets in some physical activity. We’ll see how it goes.

Another milestone this weekend, David “graduated” in the world of cub scouts. He was a Tiger Scout until Sunday… now a Wolf Scout. He just loves scouts. I am dreading the end of August, however. He will be in karate, starting soccer season, AND a new year of scouts. I don’t know how those of you with many kids manage all that scheduling. We may need to evaluate and adjust in the Fall.

And, me? I am hanging in. Started to walk on a regular basis again which is helping with the cobwebs on my soul. A lot inward thinking going on.

And I want an iPad. Any of you guys have one yet? Do you like it? Advantages/disadvantages? Is it pretty much like my iPad Touch, just bigger?

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