Today is a good day, because I am taking a half-day to pamper myself and do some shopping. I decided this on Monday, when I looked in the mirror at my grey roots (who were screaming back at me for some highlights). I am pretty good with finding time to get my hair done, but I must admit this is the longest I’ve waited for a trim and touchup. So, this afternoon I am doing just that… and taking a side trip to look at some handbags.

So… I am also winding down the 2WW, and I have to tell you, I am reluctant to test. Today is 11dpiui.

First of all, I am out of HPT’s, which makes the decision easier. Second, I have been on the progesterone suppositories for 9 days now, in hopes that I am supporting something that may or may not be there….. so no rush to test on that matter.

So, it is what it is, and there is nothing I can do at this point except wish for something good. So I am being a little lazy at the moment. Not wanting to know and wanting to know.

Symptom-wise, this month has been different. I know what it feels like to be pregnant and the early symptoms (after all, I’ve technically been pregnant 5 times), and this cycle has had me guessing and pondering. Little twinges here and there, sore boobs, headaches and such.

Which leads me to believe I have a very active imagination or I am feeling “it”. I don’t know anymore, I can’t even be optimistic or pessimistic, so I half think I am purely mad.

Either way, I am waiting at the moment.

For courage or simply a moment of optimism.

And you thought I was stooopid

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Really? Wow, it must be all those big words I use like poopy and dingbat.

Try the link to see the readability score of your own blog!

In other news, it’s 6dpiui and I had my luteal check this AM. All is well, just another week of waiting. I didn’t have to do the booster hcg shot… because last month I found out I was allergic to the generic version. Did I forget to mention this? My arm swelled up like a balloon. ooops. At least I am not allergic to Ovidrel.

And, I must tell you that I had a really nice tour of David’s (I hope will be) new school for kindergarten. The atmosphere was great, the staff professional, and the kids just seemed to love it there. I was surprised at the technological advances in the classrooms. Laptops everywhere, and no blackboards. Well, let me rephrase that, there were blackboards, but they started using a new technology last year where they have these “Smartboards”…. think Blackboard-sized computers that you can write/draw on and such. And I do love the religious aspect. I thought I was showing up for the 2 cent tour, but it actually was an entire half day of meeting the faculty and students. What was really cool, is the staff encouraged us to ask questions to the kids in the various classes (K-8). The kids were honest. It was funny, informative and pretty awesome.

Then, the buzzkill. Tuition is increasing 35% by 2010-11 (to coincide with the local diocese’s plan…so each Catholic school in the region will eventually have the same tuition). I could handle that, not surprising. What isn’t getting more expensive?

But then, the big question at the end of the day… how does the school choose students if the amount of registrations exceeds slots available? The Principal noted that first dibs goes to current families already in the school with siblings…. then parishioners, then ????

??? being they didn’t elaborate. Reading between the lines, it means knowing someone that makes the decision is probably helpful. We are parishioners, we were married there (at the church), David was baptized there, and hubby’s family have been members since 1976. You would think that puts us ahead of the game, but it doesn’t. Because there are a ton of parents that have the same background we do. Yeah, our town is pretty small in ways.

So, it’s time to find an angle. I guess it’s true you will do anything when it comes to the well-being of your children. I am the kind of person that stays in the rules and doesn’t mow people over. Sweetness and kindness have been my strengths, and I don’t need to be that boisterous and overbearing parent.

Nope not me.

However, I foresee some buttering up of the staff is in order. I’ve got two weeks before registration day to work this out. 😉

Don’t Worry Baby

Good lord, is it Monday already? I thought I just went through this last week. lol.

So, Saturday’s IUI went off without a hitch. But I should divulge how the day started.

David and I left the house for a trip to Dunkin Donuts (coffee for me, Munchkins for the little guy) because S. was, shall we say,….. busy. When we got in the car, I looked down at the odometer which read 6666.6 (ewwww) and as the satellite station came up as we backed out of the garage, we heard the chorus of the Beach Boys song,
“Don’t Worry Baby”

Dont worry baby
Dont worry baby
Everything will turn out alright

In hindsight, it felt like a page from a Stephen King novel. You know, how he introduces symbolism that negates each other…. positive/negative, good/bad, yin/yang. And he loves to quote songs in his books that completely leave you wondering…. what the??

But I digress.

So I get to the Faraway RE’s Office, drop off the sample, and they tell me to come back in 90 minutes for the IUI. So I am left traipsing through Target for things I don’t need (cute Valentine’s stuff btw) and when I arrive back at the RE’s office I am in a sea of waiting patients (every chair was occupied). That’s what I hate most about Faraway RE’s Office…. it’s so huge it’s intimidating. I like the staff and the smallness of my local office.

Anyway, as I am waiting this woman comes in and she looks odd. Her hair is wet (its freezing outside), she’s sporting pajamas (hello, it’s noon) and a Philadelphia Eagles coat. And she’s talking to herself. And she continues to talk to herself as she’s signing in, as she’s hanging her coat, as she’s getting a magazine, as she’s sitting in the chair. I am thinking, “this woman is a loon”.

And then, she turns to the other 25 people in the VERY SILENT waiting room and says (loudly) “Ya’ll having a nice day????”

Ummmmm, yeah. We’re here for shits and giggles you freak.

Everyone ignores her, and miraculously her name is called and she disappears into the back, but you can still hear her talking the nurse’s ear off about how bad AF is and she will need to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW.

You can’t help but giggle at that. And, I guess its true that infertility can effect insane people too. lol.

Anyhoo, the IUI went well. Hubby’s sample, although slightly lower post-wash than last time, had great motility 92%. And I am very sure I ovulated shortly after. Very pronounced pain from both sides. And, we did abide by Dr.P’s orders, and sealed the deal again Saturday night. Couldn’t have done anything better this cycle.

And now, we wait again.

And speaking of the 2WW, I just have to give a shout out to one of my oldest online buddies, Beka. She got a blazing BFP over the weekend. If there is anyone in the world I want to be pregnant more than myself, it’s Beka. It’s been a long road for her.

Sticky vibes to you sister, I have a feeling this one’s the keeper. xo

Smiley faces are an extra charge

We finally made it to Friday.

This has been a long week for me (aren’t they all?) but this one was really pushing my limits. Just everything coming from all sides….

So, I had my final follie check for this cycle, today is CD 12. I didn’t mention, but my RE upped my dosage when I had sped up and then spun my wheels after 6 days of stims.

For the last two days, I went to 3 vials (225 IU) of Gonal-F. Today, as if the fairy godmother herself had waved her wand over my ovaries, were 3 mighty fine looking ready-to-go mature follies. Large and in charge. The thing that was different than last cycle (as I was looking at the u/s) was the follies were perfectly round and so pronounced. I have four on the L (two mature)and three on the R (one mature), but when he looked at the left, the shadow from one of the follies cast what looked like a smiley face on the largest follicle. Even the nurse saw it, and we joked about it. Let’s hope that happy egg is the golden egg.

I triggered this morning at 7am, and have my IUI scheduled for later tomorrow.

And here’s an interesting fact. I gave myself the trigger in the RE’s office, which is the first time I actually did an injection myself. Since I received all the stims in my upper arm, Hubby was the only dispenser of injections until today. I really don’t have a fear of giving myself injections, I just never had the occasion to. It was a little freaky but very cool.

The only downside this time is we have to go to Faraway Office for the IUI. Which means, if you see a Black SUV whizzing down Route 73 tomorrow in NJ, it will be me with S.’s swimmers. Please make way for the crazy infertile.