Baggage Momma

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[tap… tap… is this thing on?]

I bet you thought I was never coming back.  Well, to be honest I had to convince myself a little.  Much like many of you, I hit a wall with my writing. Did I still want to write?  What should I write about?  Is anyone still going to read?

The funny thing about this blog…  it started out 7 YEARS AGO as random thoughts, meandered down the mom path, then WHOA! a full stopover on infertility island.  A loooong stop.  A happy/sad/funny/shitty/omg/oh no/WTF kind of place.

…and then, empty space.

My son is turning 10 in a few months.  The infertility journey has ended with a whimper.  I’m back to being a working mom with a lot of junk floating around in my head.  Unfulfilled dreams, beginnings, endings.

Mental baggage.

Who knew the title of this blog would take on a different meaning outside my love of handbags?  BagMomma. as in…  I got lots of baggage.  And it’s not designer for sure.

Now what?

I am at a crossroads again.  But I miss writing.  And for those of you I still stalk on your own blogs, check in on FB or lament on Twitter…  it just feels wrong to not be writing somewhere.  I have lost the two-way conversation I held so dear with many of you.

I’m not sure if I can stay here however.  The memories are killing me.  The fact that my most frequent keywords on this blog are miscarriage and 5dp5dt brings up memories that taste most bitter.  I feel like I need a shiny place to leave the bags behind.

But where, and what shall I call it?  Feel free to sound off in the comments, if anyone is present.

…if no one is here, well, I am a whiz at talking and no one listening, so I got it covered for now.

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