Confess! Do you…….?


You know, dust with your feather duster, your Swiffer, your old t-shirt…

do you dust your house?

Be HONEST. I really want to know.

Because I can’t think of anything I would choose to do less, than, say, iron (I hate ironing too).

My Mom dusts. Of course, she dusts less now that she doesn’t have to be a role model to my brother and I since we moved out from home long, long ago. She was never like the lady you used to see on those commercials that would run her finger down your baseboards. Heaven forbid. She was a casual duster.

I am the “only dust when I have to” duster. I just don’t think of it as important. I’d rather have clean clothes and a clean bathroom than worry about the inch of dust on top of my bureau.

Sure, I dust when I see it (and it looks bad). I dust the TV and computer stuff often actually because they are magnets for that black dust.

I dusted after I had my basement and office finished. I HAD to. That sheet rock dust was everywhere. I think I scrubbed every inch of the place.

But, dusting is not a priority for me. Never will be.

So, confess…… do you dust? How often? What is your tool of choice?

It’s okay if you make me feel bad. I can take it.