A different kind of specimen

Ye old specimen cup… but look again…

…it’s not what you think!

(do you think I am crazy??? I wouldn’t post a picture of that!!)

With all the excitement/roller coaster DE news last week, I forgot to show you this.

Look closely.

That little yellow bead was in David’s ear. OH YES, when I took him to the pediatrician last Monday for his allergies, the doctor peered into his left ear and had a look of surprise.

“Something is in there, it’s yellow… and it’s NOT earwax.”

She questioned David about it. He paused…. thought for a second, and declared… “Yes, I put it in there when I was at “X” school…”

“X” school was David’s Pre-KINDERGARTEN school. That’s right folks, this piece of plastic was in his ear since LAST SUMMER.

Since he never got sick, no one knew about it… not even me (you’d think he would have yelled when I cleaned his ears)! The last time someone looked in his ear before last week was his well visit last May.

This story will undoubtedly be retold for many years to come.

Many, MANY years…