Phil, my bestest buddy

You know what’s the best thing about being born on Groundhog’s Day?

One, everyone always has a good joke to tell me about Punxsutawney Phil (who by the way, saw his shadow today and we are in for 6 MORE weeks of winter).

Two, I have many Groundhog gifts I’ve received over the years, my favorite being the stuffed creature shown above.

Three, no one forgets to ask me, “Hey, have you seen that movie Groundhog’s Day?”  and of course YES I HAVE.  Yes I have.  Yes I have.  Yes I have.

Oooops, seems things are repeating over and over, what gives?   Damn, I am a hoot.

Keen and longtime readers know how old I am today, and I care not to discuss it.  Of course if you are younger than me and haven’t lost your vision yet (or are colorblind), the clue is above.

The best thing about today???  I got to see my son give a presentation at school in front of a crowd of people and students, and HE DID IT!  He gave a speech about what he would like to be when he grows up, and my Dad will be happy to know he chose an Engineer“Because I want to build things like my Pop Pop, and be THE BOSS.”  I giggled so loudly I almost fell out of my mini-chair.

You rock, my boy!

And to top the day off, the Lost premier is tonight!!!  Admittedly, I am one of those geeks that have found sick pleasure in micro-examining the plot twists since 2003.  I am sad to see the series ending, but I am SO EXCITED to watch tonight.  Who’s with me???!

It’s a great day.  And it’s not even noon yet.

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Last day of school, and a surprise.

David on his last day.

David’s last day of Kindergarten is today. Did that go fast or what? It gets me misty-eyed, as I remember my own year of Kindergarten so fondly. There’s no escaping it… he’s a big boy now.

Over the weekend we had a little family party for David’s birthday. He had so much fun he slept until 9am on Sunday (unheard of in this house)! In fact, we spent much of the day Sunday recuperating from a busy weekend.

David and “the cake”.

Not much else to report, except to say you’ll want to stay tuned to my blog this week.

Why? Well, I’m hosting my first official giveaway, and I know you all will enter, won’t you??? You won’t want to miss it. The retail value is a staggering $400.

I’m no joke.

And so begins my 41st year on earth

I actually have a rather meaty donor update for a change.

Donor had her Day 3 blood work and ultrasound yesterday, which went “fabulous” according to Nurse T. That means the uterus is looking fine, and the antral count, well, quite suitable and plentiful for a 22 year old.

Can we stop for a moment and reflect on the fact that I may be receiving eggs from someone TWENTY years younger than me? Ok… 19. I don’t want to age myself that much.

Yes, my 41st birthday was yesterday. But between us, I’m calling myself 39 again. lol.

So now we await the results from the infectious disease screening this week, and if that’s good we pass the second hurdle. Last mandatory step is her psych evaluation in two weeks, and if that hurdle is cleared too, she can begin meds.

From my end? I am to start BCP’s in a few days.

And wait.

[insert crickets chirping here]


It’s interesting to view an DE IVF cycle from the recipient’s perspective. I’m just waiting by the phone. A whole lot of nuthin’ going on.

Except, my weight that is. I’m down another 2 pounds this week, for a total of 17!

Now, THAT is exciting.