BagMomma loves: The PurseSitter

I’m excited to share with you the most adorable handbag accessory find.

The PurseSitter!

What a novel idea. It’s literally a stylish purse hanger for your handbag. No more putting that expensive/fragile purse on the floor of a restaurant or bar and subjecting it to gosh knows what. Ewww, let’s not think about it. Not to mention the security issue of having your bag at your feet or on the back of a chair. Truth is, I’ve spent many evenings with my handbag on MY LAP for an entire meal because there was no way I was going to set my beloved purse on the floor.

When ChicFashion contacted me about this gem of a product, I literally jumped of my chair (really, I did). And then I oogled over the styles and colors. One to fit every woman’s personality. And they are exquisitely handmade with Swarovski crystals and enamel.

My Mom, who is the purveyor of ALL things fashionable (and the ‘original’ BagMomma) will be getting a few of these for the holidays. Finally, a gift I know she would LOVE and doesn’t have!

Please take a moment to visit the official PurseSitter site!

And start some early holiday shopping… for YOURSELF and then maybe your mom, sister, cousin, daughter, best friend, hair stylist, nail technician, babysitter, your children’s teacher, etc., etc., etc. You get the idea.

Purses don’t have to be functional

Please add to my 40th Birthday wishlist…
Love, Shelli

The Dean & Deluca Pink Purse Cake
Sweet Couture*
A DEAN & DELUCA EXCLUSIVE. Created by a baker who worked at some of the most famous pastry shops in Paris, our large pink purse cake comes complete with handles, gold accents and zipper. It’s a layered Tahitian vanilla bean cake, with chocolate fudge and white chocolate butter cream, covered in pink fondant. This is a sweet must have for those who simply can’t have enough purses

I’m not normally this crabby, I swear

Thank god this week is over. I can’t even put my finger on what’s been REALLY bad about this week, it’s just the overriding panic about everything that has gone wrong lately.

It’s catching up with me. I just can’t get my ass out of the rut I am in. I haven’t even switched over to my newest handbag I bought two weeks ago. It’s sitting in the bag, wrapped tenderly, saying “OPEN ME! You spent good money on me and I am the IT color for the Fall season, and FALL will be over before you know it!”

I’ve not been eating particularly well. I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee and soda. I have not exercised in three weeks. I have skated through every day of work in the last 4 months. I have washed and rewashed the same load of laundry all week because I can’t remember to put it in the dryer. I have an intense need to drown myself in chocolate, but I don’t have any.

I am the dog tied to the bumper of Chevy Chase’s moving car in the movie “Vacation”. Beat up and forgotten.

ok, bad analogy, sorry.

And let’s talk about yesterdays blood draw. Thanks to everyone WILLING that hCG number down, it did go down (again) to 12. No Metho yet. Crazy as it sounds, I am happy about that, although I know that zero may still be far off. I am still technically pregnant SINCE MAY. I may hold some sort of record I think.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record. Let me sum up the year: pregnancy in January, miscarriage in January. TTC in March, April. Pregnancy in May. Miscarriage in JULY. THREE MONTHS LATER.. still not near a new cycle.

Add it up folks… I’ve only had AF TWICE this year. And I wonder why I am crazy. It’s pent-up hormones. I feel like an android. I think my body forgot about me too.

If you live in NJ, and feel rumbling under you feet today…. it’s not an earthquake. It’s just me exploding from my nuclear meltdown.

I promise to get back to myself next week.

I just need more time here in the dumps.

Next visit to the vampire lab is Monday.

Gotta Snickers bar?