Phantastic Halloween

Behold, the S.W.A.T. man…

He looks intimidating, no?

He paraded at school… (that’s his 7th grade “buddy” holding his hand… all together… awwwwwwwwww……..)

He even had the time to pose in the dugout with the World Series Champions… the Phils!

Ok, that was trick photography…

It was a very bizarre Halloween around here with, oh, like, half the population in Philadelphia crowding the city, hooting, hollering, and drunk off their ass (well, it HAS been 25 years since we won anything).

But no, not us.

We were drunk on Snickers bars and Mummy Dogs. How much better could a day be?

Never too early…

…to order up the Halloween costume.

David has decided that his new adult career will be a “SWAT Man”. Not a police officer. That’s too generic a title for him.

He’s been on this SWAT thing for about 6 months now. If you were to ask him “what does a SWAT person do?” He would respond, “He saves the people!”

David has always had the compassion gene as the overriding emotion he lives by. I try to preserve that quality in him. He’s always the first to help a child that has fallen down. He comforts children who cry. He seeks out friends who are like him, and those who are very unlike him. He isn’t afraid to put himself out there and worry about whether he will be judged.

I find it all so endearing, and frankly… I am often jealous. I remind myself that I was once the same child… but as we grow older and life imposes the good and the bad, sometimes those qualities get lost or forgotten.

I would love for David to grow up and find passion in something he feels he was “born to do”.

Perhaps a teacher, doctor, fireman, or humanitarian.

But for this Halloween, he will be a SWAT Man

…saving the world.

Image from Sensational Beginnings… land of cool costumes

The day after

We had a nice Halloween. And since David was not given the opportunity to OD on sugar, he had a relaxing night (I think he loved giving out candy more than actually going trick-or-treating).

Surprisingly, we ended up with a small bag of candy untouched, a little less kids than in previous years, but it was still crazy as ever.

Now, the hard part… not eating the leftovers!!