23 Years Late to the Concert

Picture this.


I was a sophomore in high school, and me, my best friend, and her older brother had tickets to see The Police in concert.

But I never got there. My Mom and Dad thought I was still “too young” to go to a concert by myself with friends. I moped around the house for days playing my “Synchronicity” album on my turntable.

Sadly, The Police would not be my first ever concert. They broke up during that tour. A year later, I went to my “first” concert. Live Aid in Philly. Bwahahaha. I have to laugh about that. My Mom thought I was too young to go to a two-hour concert across the bridge, but was okay with me going a few months later to an ALL DAY concert. Maybe she knew how historical of a concert that would be. lol.

So, after 23 years, I finally saw The Police at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ this past Saturday night.

I went with S. (who isn’t a fan, but I love him for going anyway), my brother, and my SIL.

Let me digress, to give you some background. My parents are casino-addicted (in a good way, not the 1-800-GAMBLER way). Anyway, they are the people you see in Vegas and AC that never pay a red cent for a hotel room, meal, ticket, flight, etc, etc. High-rollers, if you will (although I still don’t know how they got to that point and don’t ask).

So, we all went down to AC on the casino’s pocketbook. Butlered room, dinner at Gallagher’s Steak House, and the concert.

So the butler brings us the tickets. And the FACE VALUE was $350 EACH. Do the math 4X$350= $1,400

Free to us.

WTF???? Are you kidding me?

So, fast forward to the concert… we get to our seats (2nd row on the side… a mere 50 feet from the stage) and we are cackling about who in their right mind would actually BUY $350 tickets. And the people in front of us turn around and wince. Yep, they actually paid that. And the people behind us. And then they all hated us and I felt like an idiot.

That aside, I really loved the concert. And I must make a few observations:

1. Sting looks younger than EVER. Dude is smokin’ hot.
2. Since they have not toured in 23 years, they also must have never bothered to buy new instruments. Sting’s bass looked like a 100 year old piece of driftwood you’d find on the beach. Not kidding.
3. The mean age of the audience was 45-50 years old. Also not kidding. WE were actually the YOUNGER people at the concert.
4. They can still rock out. Andy looked like he was about to have a stroke playing guitar, but Stewart was playing the drums like he was still 20.
5. Sting’s son’s band was the warm-up act. We did not know that until the morning after the concert after we mocked the kid all might for sounding too much like Sting. DUH.
6. Sting is hot. Did I already mention that?

So it was a very good weekend. Glad I finally made it to the concert. Better late than never, right?