The zoo, and a very large totebag…

I remember my first official elementary school field trip. We went to the zoo. I don’t remember a lot about that trip, but I do remember we did a lot of walking. Most of the stories are retold by my Mom (she remembers the early days a lot better than I do).

Yesterday, I took off a day of work, laced up my walking shoes, packed a bag that I swore I would regret carrying (more on that in a sec), and joined the commune of (mostly) SAH Moms for the Kindergarten extravaganza of excitement and torture… otherwise known as the “trip to the zoo”.

Fifty 5 and 6 year-olds, two buses, and 12 chaperones.

Oh, the bag… I must tell you. I didn’t want to bring the Coach bag, so I switched to a Vera Bradley tote instead. The contents? Plentiful for student emergencies. I had wipes, tissues, band-aids, sunblock, water, tylenol, extra clothes, an umbrella, snacks, camera, napkins, and about 5 other miscellaneous items that made the bag so heavy I could have used it as a lethal weapon.

Overkill? perhaps.

But then as I met and started talking to some of the other moms, I realized they were carrying small purses or NOTHING. Which kind of intrigued me.

Let me tell you a little bit about my son’s catholic school. Most of these Moms have LARGE families. If you work full-time or have two or less kids they marvel at you like you are some sort of endangered species. So, I have to wonder, why pack so light? I thought they would be the ones hauling the stuffed backpacks and acting in line with the Girl Scout motto… “Be Prepared!” But no, not the case.

So what if I told you I used EVERYTHING in my bag? Oh yes. I administered first aid once (to one of my assigned kids), donated all my napkins to another Mom cleaning vomit, dispensed all my band-aids, and used up my sunblock, used all my wipes (when the bathroom ran out of toilet paper), and donated a shirt to a poor little guy who got sick on himself. I strategically used all my snacks to bribe two kids to sit quietly and stop bugging each other on the bus.

I even became the staff photographer when several moms forgot their cameras.

The kids had a great time, the only downside was the zoo we went to was more than an hour away, so our time actually IN THE ZOO was compressed to three hours (and we had to build lunch in there too).

It was a nice day. And, after trolling the zoo looking at zebras, snakes, and alligators keeping track of a herd of kids (and saving the day with my two ton tote) I think I would qualify as a mom deserving of more than one kid, don’t you?

Should I ask my RE to transfer a litter of donor embryos?

Whatcha think? lol.

Fun with Fortune Cookies: Part Two

You might remember this post from long ago when I looked for magic in a fortune cookie.

Consider this the second installment, but much less magical.


Think about it (go ahead, I’ll wait…)

Let me say one thing first before we explore the meaning of fortunes. Fortunes are supposed to be HOPEFUL, LUCKY, UPLIFTING.

So I put some real thought to this.

Ok, trees can’t touch the sky….

Is this just a statement of fact?

Or rather, trees can’t ever reach the sky, thereby never achieving their personal “tree” goals? Do trees have a goal?

ok, trees are people then (those Germans love their analogies, I should know… I am one).

People can’t touch the sky. Physically, sure.

Is this supposed to represent dreams/goals PEOPLE can achieve?

Wait, this is seriously turning into a downer. Is this fortune telling me “don’t bother reaching for the stars, because, HA! you’ll never get there!?”

Oh for pete’s sake. What a freakin’ buzzkill.

Perhaps the economic downturn has affected the “fortune cookie writers”? I sense a very pissed off employee.

This “fortune” is no fortune at all.

I need a new Chinese restaurant.

How much fun can you handle?

Whew! What a holiday weekend. From Turkey Day all the way through Sunday we managed to use every last spare moment of time.

Thanksgiving Day here at home was… exhausting, but fun. This is me and S. after 24 hours of cleaning and cooking…lol

Then we woke up Friday morning and drug out every last box of Christmas decorations. Was I meaning to do that? Hell, no. I was looking to just kick back and relax, but David had other plans. He’s the worst supervisor, by the way.

Saturday we got up early and headed to the Please Touch Museum in Philly. It’s in a new venue (such a beautiful building).

It had lots of hands-on stuff for the kids, and the adults. My personal favorite was the restored Dickens Village (think Christmas Animatronics set in 1776). The last time I saw the full display was waaay back in the 70’s. It was an annual Christmas event at Lit Bros. Department Store in the city.

Oh, and the indoor fully restored carousel… just stunning…

Sunday, we woke up to rain. And fog. And sleet. And more rain. We had tickets for the North Pole Express Train Ride. We met my brother, SIL, and the kids after a 90 minute drive, but it was well worth it.

It was the worst weather day… but you know what? It made for a great day anyway. Lots of rain meant people stayed in. Which meant we had a great time in a place that is normally packed with people.

The rain actually added character to the day. Doesn’t it look Christmas-y?

David and my nephews were bowled over when Santa walked onto the train to present them with a Christmas sleigh bell… they looked terrified and elated at the same time.. lol

Afterwards we kicked back in a nearly empty brewpub, had great beer and pretty awesome burgers.

Yeah, it was a pretty cool weekend indeed.

Lastly… a fertility update: In case you all were missing my status posts on the donor egg cycle, well, get ready. Pre-work is complete, and the cash has been procured. Tomorrow is the appointment to delve into the Great Big Book of Donors. More to come…