Since you’ve been gone

[tap… tap…]

is this thing on??

I guess the perk of moving away from infertility (JOKING, that will never happen) is no one checks in!

Have I lost all my readers?

Seriously, I am about to embark into therapy and even my Facebook account is lonely. You all are contributing to the alienation of BagMomma.

SEE, I am talking about myself in the third person with a fictious name (albeit one I created).

See what you’ve done?? lol.

But anyway, no deep thoughts here today. I am exhausted from the last few posts.  I have a few more brewing.

And truthfully, work hasn’t let up like I expected it to. This is the busiest January on record.   In fact, I am just returning from a trip to the grocery store in which I crushed my all-time speed record for “extreme grocery shopping”.  Yes, I have a name for it and it involves precision and quick thinking.  Do you know how hard it is to get down a crowded aisle swiftly while avoiding looks down the nose from senior citizens?

I made it back 5 minutes prior to the start of a conference call.  I’m good.

David is now enjoying basketball (getting better at it) and holding my schedule hostage with extracurricular activities.

Anyone know how to carve a Cub Scout soap box derby car from a block of wood?? Anyone… anyone? Jeez, I’m crafty, but I’m not a woodsmith.

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