Sweet as can be…

I love, love strawberries. In fact, I am eating them right now… topped with a little lite whipped cream. Soon (late May-June) I’ll be able to pick my own from my local farm stand. I probably have at least 20 recipes that I use over and over, but always looking for something new.

My recent favorite is this strawberry pie which I received the recipe about a month ago. So far we’ve made it three times. It’s great for those counting calories (or WW points) because you can make it almost fat-free.

David also loves strawberries. They are a close second to his other favorite fruit… blueberries. Yep, I’m lucky that he’s a fruit lover. I count my blessings every day that he’s always been good in that way. How in the world I created a child with a healthy appetite defies logic.

Do you have any favorite strawberry recipes? Share! I am looking for something new for an upcoming barbecue next month.

Purses don’t have to be functional

Please add to my 40th Birthday wishlist…
Love, Shelli

The Dean & Deluca Pink Purse Cake
Sweet Couture*
A DEAN & DELUCA EXCLUSIVE. Created by a baker who worked at some of the most famous pastry shops in Paris, our large pink purse cake comes complete with handles, gold accents and zipper. It’s a layered Tahitian vanilla bean cake, with chocolate fudge and white chocolate butter cream, covered in pink fondant. This is a sweet must have for those who simply can’t have enough purses

I heart carbs

After I dropped off David at daycare for his field trip today (he’s going to a gymnastics class) I promptly drove to Dunkin Donuts for my usual coffee. Today I got a bagel (I’ve been trying to lay off the morning bagel habit) and I was sad to discover it wasn’t what I ordered.


It’s certainly a message from above to STOP BUYING BAGELS.

I am in this constant state of war with carbs. They are my mortal enemy. But instead of going on some wacky low carb diet (which I would NEVER be good at since carbs are my life) I decided to just try to cut down on them. Have a yogurt instead of a bagel for breakfast. Skip the superfluous rolls and bread for lunch and dinner.

Sleeping with the enemy, that’s really what it is.

Last night, I made dinner for the BagMomma house. Parmesan-crusted chicken with two veggies (neither of them potatoes). S. says… “where’s the stuffing?” I say, “we are not having stuffing.”

S. looked at me with the look of perplexed fear. “why?”

“Because carbs are killing us.”

And you know what? After dinner I had a peach for a snack and when I woke up this morning my stomach was grumbling like it hadn’t had a speck of food in days.

I was HUNGRY. Which led me to the state I am in this morning.

Annoyed because my bagel was cinnamon-raisin and I wanted Sesame, gosh darn it.

Offending bagel was 86’ed in the trash. I drank a yogurt smoothie and had another peach.

…..Till we meet again CARB……

probably at lunch.