Too bad it’s Monday, I could have called it Torture Tuesday

What a better way to start the day than subjecting oneself to an outpatient procedure on a Monday.

After the DST time change, when you are grumpy already because you are -1 hour of sleep.

So, I had my HSG today. It was pretty uneventful, except for the fact that I have a cervix that likes to hide (thanks Doc).

After 15 minutes of playing hide and go seek with my female parts, Dr. P inserted the dye and discovered that my left tube is wonderfully open. My right tube is questionable.

No dye traveled into the right tube, so the assumption is that it is blocked. Dr. P is an RE brimming with positivity, so he proclaimed that just because the dye didn’t travel through there, all hope is not lost and there’s a significant possibility that it is just fine. Could be a spasm or the dye just liked traveling to the left better…..

… and then…..why exactly did I torture myself this morning then?

Ok, I’m not being sarcastic. I love my RE. I guess that all this diagnostic stuff is what it is, (this is what I am paying him for) so I won’t go stomping off yet.

Then S. met with Dr. P and they had manly conversation while I was very uncomfortable in my nice blue 3 armed hospital gown.

No one said how horrific the cramps would be afterward. I am a bit of a patsy with pain, so I toughed it out as we walked out of the hospital. Cramps only lasted an hour.

It’s 4 hours later and here I am blogging about it, so not all that bad I guess. Seriously, Dr. P was not really overly-concerned about the results, so I am ok with that. He asked me to call his office and set up another consult for our master plan.
Blocked tube or no, I have plenty of reasons to be optimistic I guess.

I’m off to pick up some antibiotics and the toddler.

Catch ya tomorrow friends!

A little inspiration

Yesterday, I had my u/s at the RE’s office. The good news, no cysts or anything that may be hindering me on the fertility front.

Bloodwork, all done. Results still not known.

Next Monday is the HSG, which will complete the picture for testing. After the HSG is done, we will have a bonifide plan of action.

I am happy that Dr. P has me on this accelerated pace. It makes me feel like I am moving towards my goal.

As I was driving home yesterday, I passed the most peculiar sign on the way home. It was a quote that someone put on the local elementary school announcement board (you know, the kind of sign that you can slide letters on and off).

“The world says it’s not possible… but hope whispers to try it one more time.”

To be honest I would expect to maybe see that in front of a church, it was odd that someone spelled it out on the school sign.

Nevertheless, it was a dose of inspiration well received!

On the path… again…

If you have no interest in fertility, you can stop reading here. lol.

This blog is going to be leaning heavily to the babymaking business in the coming months… but I promise I will still stay as witty as ever. Lord knows I’ll need all the humor I can muster with all that lies ahead. Please hang with me, won’t you?

I had my RE appointment today. For once, I walked out of a doctor appointment feeling good.

The doctor spent an hour and a half with me. It was truly nice to not feel rushed and to be educated on all things fertility related. What a nice appointment. He lifted my spirits, and that is something I sorely needed.

You rock, doc!

For the next three weeks, I am at the mercy of my new favorite doctor. More blood tests (now S. gets in on the action too), some genetic testing, and finally this month I get my Day 3 FSH testing too see how old me “body” thinks I am (i.e. my eggs).

And, this cycle will be fully monitored. Which means, appointments and ultrasounds out the wazoo.

I came home with a handful of information, and finally, some optimism. Considering I’ve spent the last year and a half spinning my wheels, this will be a welcome schedule.


That’s me breathing a little better today… or at least until the medical bills start rolling in.

If it ain’t broke, how do you fix it?

So, I got back my last test results of my fertility work up, and


all normal.

While I love to know that I am the poster-child for fertile normalcy, I am growing more concerned that finding nothing to fix is much more difficult than being defective.

So, at this point, my OB agreed to transfer my bloodwork and history to an RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist).


you guessed it… more bloodwork.

If anything, the hope is that I can at least get pregnant faster, so if I am doomed to miscarrying again and again I don’t lose more valued time as I creep further towards (gasp) 40 years of age.

So call me gloomy today. It’s hard not to grow more ambivalent about all of this, but I won’t give up… not yet anyway.