V.ery I.mportant P.urchase

I did end up going to the Coach store on Sunday. You knew I would.

I just couldn’t keep myself away with that invitation staring at me.

That and Holly Marie, or was it Marie Holly, or Marileah? called me on Saturday and left a desperate message on my voicemail that I MISSED the VIP reception (heavens!), and if I stop by this week they will honor all the goodies I missed.

It’s nice to be loved by someone. Even if it’s a commisioned Coach employee who could give a crap about me.

Wait, I pay for Coach to love me… that’s so wrong isn’t it?????

….anyhoo, S. wanted to take a ride since it was such a beatuiful and cool day here in the Northeast. So, we all jumped in the car and somehow ended up at the Yankee Candle store (good Fall scents there btw), and then Starbucks, and then Coach.

I bought a Fall purse:

And I got a free gift and perfume.

Damn you, Coach.

I wish I could quit you.

Random thoughts

It’s Monday, and I am in a fiesty mood. I have a mountain of work that I’ve neglected over the last two weeks, so instead of being proactive I’ve spent most of the morning sufing my favorite fashion and celebrity websites.

This post is sort of a random thought that I may be losing any “coolness” I once had. I am concerned and perplexed that I have been missing these trends I just stumbled upon….

Someone, please explain….what is Harajuku? I thought it was a word Gwen Stefani made up to describe her horrible backup dancers, but I see now it’s a fashion statement???
Would you be caught dead wearing this? Poor LC, seems that L.A. sun has gotten to her head.
Does it scare you that stirrup pants are making a comeback this fall?

Next thing you know legwarmers will be back in style. Nothing like making your legs look like tree stumps.