It was so much fun we did it again…

…another day, another hayride.

This time, instead of heat and dust, we got cold and wind. Finally!

Perfect hayride weather. This time, we took “The Boys”, the plural name my family uses to refer to my two nephews and David as one group of gaggling 5/6 year olds.

There’s just nothing quite as exhilarating as sitting on a bail of hay and breathing in cow dung.

Or, getting lost in a three acre corn maze.

Did I mention the electric fence that has an itty bitty sign that said, “do not touch”?

A fun time was had by all, especially “The Boys”

…wait…. there’s four kids here…

That’s my kid brother, G. on the end. Well, he’s not really a kid anymore at the age of 37.

Yeah, he is.

The Dust Bowl

Yesterday, I took David on a hayride. Unfortunately, so did half of the free world since it was a school holiday.

We took Grandmom (my Mom) along, and parked about a county away. Then we waited 40 minutes in line for tickets. And another half hour to actually get ON the hayride.

It was so HOT and so DUSTY. Totally ruined the ambience. No hot apple cider. I didn’t even want anything hot. Maybe ice cream.

Damn global warming.

I had to carry three huge pumpkins back to the car and ended up getting a pretty good workout. My arms still hurt today. But all in all, David had a good time so that’s all that matters.

Can’t tell by the pictures… just imagine it’s 60 degrees and Fall-like.

Maybe we’ll do it again when we ever get a cold day!