counting down

So, the week is drawing to another close. My parents are taking David away for the entire weekend (they are heading to the beach). Normally, I would be all excited about the upcoming prospect of being alone with S., but I am still in a crummy mood.

Dr. V called out of the blue yesterday. Wanted to see how I was doing. His words were… “I usually have my nurses call to see how you are doing, but I feel personally responsible for you.”

haha HA HA. Loved that.

Besides severe intestinal distress, I felt no different after taking the Cytotec. Still spotting and the like, of varying intensity, but not really feeling like I thought I would. I guess I was waiting for the floodgates to open, and that just didn’t happen.

So we wait until Tuesday, and if needed, get some “stronger” meds. Hoping the u/s shows this pregnancy disappearing by then. Hopefully.

So, as far as the weekend goes, it would have been nice for hubby and I to get away (by that I mean, drive the car somewhere FAR away from here), but we have a couple social commitments around town. He is going out after work tomorrow for a “goodbye” get-together for one of his employees that left the business. Saturday, we are going over to our neighbors for a party. Sunday, we have a picnic at a local winery.

ok, so it’s not a terrible weekend, but I’ll try to get by. 😉

BlogHer Envy

I was scheduled to be in Raleigh this week for work (for a huge meeting) but my meeting was cancelled. Which is a bummer, since I would have loved to fly out to Chicago to attend the BlogHer Conference this week.

Many of my bloggy acquaintances are going, and I will miss the opportunity to meet them in person!

However, I do plan to attend via SecondLife…. which if you don’t know I won’t bother explaining. It’s too hard to wrap your head around it, even for a techie like me. I’ve spent the better part of yesterday trying to find something for my avatar to wear which doesn’t make me appear as a two dollar hooker. For you SL people, you know what I mean.

So, safe travels to my buddies that are going! I want to hear the stories… and, if you are looking for me virtually in SL on Friday, my avatar name is QueenMaryRose Ashby… and I’ll be the one trying to not look like a hooker.


Happy Birthday to me

This is the last birthday I will celebrate. From now on, I will be counting backwards with the goal of reaching my 29th birthday in 10 years. 🙂

This isn’t the best birthday I’ve had considering the drama of the week, however, I am in good spirits knowing I have a lot of cyber friends who wish me luck and good cheer.

So, thanks to all of you… friends new and old.